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Hi there I've been taking t 3 only for about 3-4. Weeks and I felt amazing at first !! I was taking 100mg thyroxine and 2 grains of NDT previously . The reason for trying T3 only was recent blood test results showed poor conversion. I started low and increased slowly and I am now taking 2 x 25 mg T3 .daily . at first I felt great and my energy levels great brain fog disappeared no constipation . 3 weeks on I'm feeling tired and am suffering with constipation quite badly !! Do you think I'm taking enough T3 or should I introduce my NDT again ! I haven't been constipated for years and I'm not liking feeling like this again ! I haven't got any results at the mo as I thought I would wait a while before doing them again ! Any advice please 😉 Since last post I've also noticed my eyebrows are disappearing ! Is this too much or not enough medication ?

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  • Janey130,

    50mcg T3 is equivalent to 2 grains NDT so you have effectively reduced dose by 100mcg T4.

    If your thyroid levels were good on 2 grains + 100mcg T4 were good then you will be under medicated.

  • Thanks so much I think I need to go for a test as I am worrying I may be taking too much with the eyebrow thing !! I feel foolish bothering you all with it . I felt amazing at first when I changed to T3 only ..... x

  • Janey130,

    A test is a good idea. You probably felt great with extra T3 at first but either T4 has really dropped and 50mcg T3 is not enough, or T3 has built up and is too high which can make you feel awful.

  • So if it was the latter then how long would it take the T3 to drop down again ? And would it be worth my while introducing some T 4 again ? Ahhh think test is needed fast also my basal bod temp is always around 35.3 35 .6 . The highest it been is 35.9 . I have been referred to endo as I have poor conversion and I'm hoping they will test my pituarity etc ... your help much appreciated

  • Janey130,

    It depends how much T3 is over. I would have a test before making any changes otherwise you're just bumbling around hoping to get lucky with whatever you do.

    Temperature is not a good guide to whether you are hypothyroid or optimally dosed. Some people have low temp anyway and its normal for them

    Poor conversion on Levothyroxine is overcome by adding T3 or switching to NDT. Poor conversion isn't due to pituitary dysfunction

  • Everyone is different. 25mcg T3 is around 100mcg of levo although some feel it is more like 75mcg. So going on the 75mcg measurement you are taking the equivalent of 150mcg of levo. So your dose is lower than the 300 approx you were taking with 100mcg plus 2 NDT (200mcg of levo equivalent for NDT).

  • Maybe this will be helpful:-

  • very helpful and informative thank you

  • one last comment ... would a frontal headache suggest too much ?

  • I cannot answer that but sometimes we can be sensitive to fillers/binders or maybe wait till we get to a dose that makes us feel well. Sometimes that takes a bit longer than we'd like.

  • I find 2 grains of WP NDT about the same as 75mcg of Unipharma, as the latter seems weaker than it's supposed to be. I've not tried any other T3 to compare the strength.

  • I'm on T3 only. I split my T3 meds over 4 daily doses taken at 5 hourly intervals. My first dose on waking and my last dose on retiring to bed. I have poor conversion too and when increasing T3 meds I add only 6.25mcg to my waking dose this gives me an idea of how much I can tolerate. Occasionally I have to drop back on the increase if I get over medicated symptoms. I'd leave it for a week, check my temperature and if consistent over 4-5 days I'd try to increase again. If your temperature is below 98.6 it's possible you can increase, but I'm not a doctor this is only my personal experience! This is the protocol That has worked for me. I'm now taking 87.5mcg without feeling overmedicated, my temps are below 98.6 which tells me I could possible increase further. I go by how I feel...

    I have high Revetse T3, I can't take any meds containing T4 until I have full clearance.

    For constipation I take Magnesium Citrate

    I hope this helps.

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