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An Invitation to Join the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy

Just noticed the creation of a new Consortium with laudable aims.

We have seen many people post here needing help, understanding, hand-holding, hugs, advice in relation to pregnancy. Clearly many are not getting what they need from the medical system as it currently exists.

(I have had to re-type much of this - if there are typos, they are mine. Let me know and I shall correct them.)

An Invitation to Join the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy

The evidence highlighting the importance of adequate maternal thyroid function during pregnancy for an optimal pregnancy outcome is rapidly accumulating. However, owing to large between-study differences in populations and outcomes. it is difficult to generalize all available evidence to provide evidence-based recommendations. Furthermore. many important clinical questions remain unanswered because single studies are not adequately sized to study small sub-groups and clinical threshold effects.

To overcome these limitations. We have founded the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy. The goal of this international collaboration is to a create a formal platform for collaboration between researchers and cohorts that facilitates high quality studies on the association of gestational thyroid function with adverse pregnancy outcomes. The initial aim of this collaboration is to study the association of maternal thyroid function and autoimmunity with preterm birth and birth weight by performing individual participant-based meta-analyses combining data from prospective cohorts across the globe.

Currently. the consortium consists of eight studies with data on more than 35,000 mother-and-child pairs. We are performing systematic searches to identify eligible studies or data sets from the published literature that can be included in our current project.

Through this letter, we would like to invite anyone who has data available (published or unpublished) that matches the inclusion criteria (see below) to join this novel consortium and contribute to advancing evidence-based medicine within the field of thyroid and pregnancy.

Inclusion criteria for the current project:

l) Nonselected or population-based prospective cohorts

2) Thyroid-stimulating hormone. FT4, or thyroid antibodies measured in pregnant women (any gestational age)

3) Follow-up complete until the end of pregnancy

If you wish to participate, or requiremore information, please contact us by e-mail at

Tim I.M. Korevaar. MD, MSc,

Department of Internal Medicine and

the Rotterdam Center,

Erasmus University Medical Center,

Rotterdam. the Netherlands

Peter N. Taylor. MD., MSc

Colin M. Dayan

Thyroid Research Group, Institute of

Molecular and Experimental Medicine.

School of Medicine. Cardiff University.

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Robin P. Peeters

Department of Internal Medicine and

the Rotterdam Center,

Erasmus University Medical Center.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Thanks for posting and it is a laudable effort and hopefully they can help many mothes who do miscarry unfortunately. Or have difficulty conceiving.

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