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Anxiety / tight chest advice

Hello - since my Christmas incident I have been getting anxiety symptoms and they have started to get a bit worse this last week I never used to get them at home or work but now getting a tight chest, shallow breathing and knot in my guts from waking up to going to bed, not as bad during daylight hours but can't handle meetings at work or travelling very well. Best thing one of the girls at work gave me yesterday was an elastic band to twang on my wrist when I feel the symptoms come on which seems to help a lot!

My normal T4 dose is 125ug, but went down to 100 for 2 weeks from 23/12 and the symptoms I was getting at Christmas went away (I thought I had gone hyper, but may have been anxiety? still trying to get blood results from A&E) and 112.5 for the last two weeks. I feel very tired from 6 or 7pm like I need to up the T4 a bit but scared to because of the anxiety.

Latest bloods from last week; 09/01/2017, TSH 1.25, FT4 19.68, FT3 4.28 -

FT3 is low for me I'm usually around 5.5.

Went to see GP on Tuesday as I was worried that I had lost 5kg in a month (I have been doing elimination diet as well) and got the usual lecture about changing dose and to take some gaviscon if my guts hurt.

Any ideas what this could be? and what I could do?

Could it be the Phosphatidylserine I took last month lowered my cortisol levels?

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This is a SYMPTOM of hypothyroid not a seperate thing.


HI mate, what meds are you on. I was diagonalised hypo with zero function, they bumped me to 170ug of levo, i suffered depression for many years because my thyroid was misdiagnosed, i was morbid obese at 140 kilos in 2015, I was fat, anxious/depressed and acted like a weirdo on levothyroxine, i hate that stuff.

I took responsibility for my own well-being into my own hands, I buy my own NDT and take ALCAR, MSM, Q10, PQQ, Vit C, Iodine, L-Glutamate, Omega 3, Spirulina., cut out refined sugar, eat only natural fats and work out in the gym, I'm now better than ever, body building, lost 45 kilos, no depression, no anxiety and fit as. i can out do the 20 year olds. You need to get the hormones sorted if the meds don't work don't waste time with the doctors crap, they will have you running around like a headless chicken. (Useless bunch)

Regenerate/ extend your cell mitochondria life, increase ATP and start a neurogenesis regime, ie grow more brain cells in the hippocampus. As thyroid issues shrink it. There is a lot of other stuff i take other than that, but i think after 6 weeks of cell and brain renewal you will defo fell it, along with the correct hormones that work, be that synthetic or NDT. Resveratrol is very powerful for neurogenesis.

My NDT is like £35 - 40 for 4 months supply.

Detox also, sauna and chelate your body. Chollea algae is good, its the only thing to remove radioactive isotopes from the body along with heavy metals.


Had to look up most of the nootriments and I thought I did a lot of reading! Did you have someone to help you through this? (I'd prefer to work with someone that knows the pitfalls rather than trial and error myself) or book/website recommendations?

I know what you mean about GPs, they just look down their nose at me when I come in with a stack of paper. I'm trying with a Functional nutritionist to go through adrenals, methylation support and gut stuff but he won't touch the thyroid hormones of course. (Protein shakes, Betaine HCL, Vit D 3000, B12, Selenium, Magnesium complex, Bvit complex, currently on elimination diet, but felt OK on normal low-carb diet)

I haven't tried NDT as I think I'm converting OK, when I'm good on T4 I feel pretty much normal just get tired in the late evening so no more late night clubbing for me.

Main issue for me has been headaches and dizziness and the Vit D and Betaine HCL have both helped a lot but it still comes back now and again. But the PS has sent me down a rabbit hole the last month so got to sort the adrenals out first. Got some 50mg Niacin/B3 and that seems to help flush out the anxiety symptoms. I used to get anxiety symptoms when I first started on T4 but was never this bad, will go back up to my 125ug Levo/T4 when the anxiety calms down.

Thanks for the info, good to hear there is some hope and these things have worked for you! will put them on my to-try list.


Ahhh but the T1 and T2 hormone is not present as if the thyroid was functioning. My take is the body would not make T1 or T2 if it did not need it. So why should I miss out. If the body is supposed to make it I need it.

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B3 niacin lol. it's fantastic stuff. But at 50mg I think it's not enough. I write this as I took 1000mg and am flushing. It's great for curing depression but you need high dose. I take 1000mg. Do t worry it's not toxic or bad for the liver they dosed up to 50,000mg without liver issues. You can by the 500mg pills.

Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D


Ps. Be careful on these low carb diets. The brain power supply is from fats or carbs. So if you cut down on carbs up your fats don't be scared of healthy fats like grass feed cow milk, butter, cheese, coconut oil. It's the vegetable oils and margarine that are evil. Healthy fats don't put on weight. I know low carb diets can be bad for the brain if you don't replace it with fats. The brain is the only organ that can use 2 sources to power it.


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