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Quick question

Does anyone get heartburn as a symptom of underactive?

I did all the time before I was diagnosed 2 years ago which cleared up. The last couple of weeks I've had it constantly, I had my bloods done a week ago and my tsh is 0.84

A year ago it was 0.35 and six months ago it was 0.4 so it's creeping up slowly.

I've got a follow up with gp in Feb so I'll ask him then but wondering if or what any of you all do for it?


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I also have underactive and suffer from heatburn i take gaviscon for it which i get on prescrition. I didnt know i suffered from heartburn due to my thyroid being underactive!


Hypothyroidism reduces the production of stomach acid.

Doctors and patients are mostly unaware that low stomach acid produces similar symptoms to high stomach acid.

Even healthy people produce less stomach acid as they age. And yet more and more people are put on acid-suppression medication as they get older, which has no logic to it at all.

There are people who have to take acid-suppressing meds, but they shouldn't be taken unless there is a very good reason.

In most cases people will feel better if they increase the acid in their stomachs. But sadly, it can be very difficult to get off acid-suppressing or acid-neutralising meds. It is often a slow and painful process.

If it interests you, these links should be helpful.

The scdlifestyle links are fairly short and to the point, the Chris Kresser links are longer and much more detailed.

Chris Kresser explains why problems arise in the first place :







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Hi Rachel 35a I suffered with heartburn, bad reflux for years and was taking omeprazole for years prescribed by doc until I read on here how it's low acid not high that was the problem with stomach I managed to come off omeprazole and am now taking raw apple cider vinegar and lemon juice once a day before my main meal and it's really made a big difference,hardly ever get heartburn now.

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I'll have to try that!

Thanks all.


If it is happens only when you are in bed, then there is one simple solution. Just don't have anything at all to eat in the evening, say for 4 hours before you go to bed. Also applies to having alcohol or any citric drinks. OK with coffee and tea or suchlike.


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