Constant cough for 16 weeks

I've had a constant cough for 16weeks... I seem to get sinus infection, followed by ear infection followed by chest infection. Recently I have been sent for an x ray which has come back clear on my chest. So I was sent for a blood test... they have increased my Levothyroxine by 25mg.

I am so lethargic and feel so poorly all the time and I've had enough. I have been given further antiobiotics but I'm unable to start the course until I've had my spirometry tests on Friday.

My doctor is now telling me to have patience and it's probably just the cold weather! It's now affecting my work and I've had to have time off because of it. 16 weeks is really too long... and I'm starting to wonder if it is related to my Thyroids or not.

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  • You could get print out of your tests including ranges and have your B's and D's checked as well. I have discovered at long last that both GA and Antibiotics damage my intestine bacteria which damage my ability to absorb the essential vitamins which in turn cause neurological damage including cognitive and learning memory deficiencies. I am self treating as my surgery seem woefully unable to do so. Been on a fruitless trail of Haemo, Neuro and Pyschol but meantime have got rid of my weakness and lethargy on my self treatment with D3 and K2 and Osteo and B12 and folate via multi vatamin also occasional magnesium. I have shown a gluten problem on the tests.

  • I wonder if you're undermedicated (esp as they have increased your meds a little, and you may need more now than you did in the warmer weather). A lot of us seem to have rubbish immunity when undertreated. As Dulaigh says, it would be great if you had a copy of your actual results. If you post them here so others can have a look it may be obvious what is going wrong.

    Having said that, I doubt I'm undertreated and I have had two lots of the fluey virus thing (w subsequent head and chest infection) that has been going around since Nov, so even if your meds look great you may well just have been unlucky. Best to have a check though. :-)

  • Do you take medication for high blood pressure? Clemmie

  • What are your TSH, FT4, FT3, vitamin D, vitamin B12, ferritin, folate and haemoglobin levels? If they aren't optimal then you will get infection after infection, so it would be a good idea to post them in a new thread so others can take a look and point you in the right direction.

  • Have you been checked for Asthma, I found this was the underlying cause of my persistent cough and although reluctant to take medication my cough has stopped since being prescribed inhalers.

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