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Optimal levels

I have recently managed to get full thyroid blood tests done whilst abroad. I would really appreciate some feedback as to optimal levels and what I can do to achieve the same. I was previously on t4/t3 treatment but didn't feel any different, however I don't know I feel the medication actually made much difference to the levels as the labs will not test t3.

Results are:

Total T3 1.28 range 1.23-3

TSH 0.515 0.4 - 4.2

FT4 1.76 0.89-1.76

Free T3 2.62 2.1 - 4.4

Many thanks.

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Do you have the reference ranges for your results? They will look something like

TSH 0.515 (0.5 - 5.0)

It is the numbers that I've put in bold that we need to know. They vary from lab to lab and we can't interpret results without them.

if you have them, you can edit your post to add them.

At the bottom of your post is a small square with a v in it. Click on that and several options come up. Click on Edit, then add the ranges to your post. Then click on Post.

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Thank you, now amended.


I think you don't feel well because your Total T3 is too low and your Free T3. Both should be towards the upper end of the range. So you may either have a defective gene (DIO2) which means T4 cannot be converted or too low a dose of thyroid hormones.

Read about FT4 and FT3 in this link:-


Thanks for your reply. I did look at the links and it would appear that t3 is an issue. Would increased thyroxin combat this issue or adding t3?


Free T3 2.62 2.1 - 4.4

Your Free T3 is only 23% of the way through the reference range. For anyone who is hypothyroid that is too low. It differs from person to person but hypothyroid people usually feel best with their Free T3 in the upper half of the range, and many of us need it to be in the upper third or upper quarter of the range.

With a reference range of 2.1 - 4.4 :

Upper half of the range starts at 3.25

Upper third starts at 3.63

Upper quarter starts at 3.75

Since your Free T4 is right at the top of the range already, adding T4/Levo probably won't help. You would need to reduce your Levo dose and add in T3. Sadly, the NHS has effectively banned prescribing T3 over most of the UK. You could buy your own T3 online without a prescription.

Another thing that will improve how you feel and might improve your conversion is optimising some basic nutrients - vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate and iron/ferritin. If you have results and reference ranges for those, please add them to your original post.

What meds are you taking now?

When you tried a T4 and T3 combo what did you take?


Humanbean, I have so much to learn! Thank you for your insightful response.

Previously I was on 50mcg Levo and 5mcg T3. This was prescribed by my GP under the direction of a consultant. I stopped taking it because I didn't feel any different - in hindsight that was foolish. I am going back to my GP to ask if I can go back on it. Perhaps 5 mcg was not sufficient?

I have been reading about other ways of supporting the thyroid via nutrients and looking at vitamin D.

I do have those other results, will post here once I can locate them.


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