hyperthyroid and terrified: UPDATE

just got a call from the DR. and its GRAVES DISEASE!!!!!! What should i expect??? Its a shame that you want a disease instead being called a hypochondriac or crazy!!! All your advise really helped me when i was talking to my GP..... i will be picking up my test results on Monday to post... You guys were the only ones that i could talk to and you knew what i was going through better than my GP i might add.. as i go through this journey i wont feel alone..Thank you for this forum....,.,

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  • I'm glad you have been finally diagnosed. I know what that feels :)

    I am not hyperthyroid and those who have had to jump through those hoops will respond shortly.

    At least you will begin medication to reduce the hyperactivity, which must be awful. I am hypo.

  • thank you and i REALLY appreciate this forum.

  • Hi glad you got diagnosed at last. I can still remember the relief I felt when I found out I had graves and that I wasn't crazy. I'm surprised doc hasn't put you on medication while you wait for endo appointment as I remember I had to wait a couple of months before getting an appointment,carry on reading and learning as much as you can as it helps to have some knowledge before you see endo. I'm sure you will get lots of good advice on forum.

  • The doc said he would call the endo to see if he wanted to me to be on something before I see him. Haven't heard back yet.. I can tell this is new to him and he seems just as lost as me!!! Seeing endo in a few days!! Thank god

  • I believe some people get beta blockers which help reduce symptoms and are relatively harmless, will not skew endo's tests etc. Your gp may not object to a script to tide you over until your endo appt.

  • My doc called so late but I'm glad ... prescribed 20mg Metimizole..

  • Hi I have graves and that ignorance you're experiencing from your doctor is not uncommon, in fact most endos I've met so far are as bad. I suggest going to Elaine Moore's website for information, she has 2 incredible books with lots of fantastic information but even her website is a fountain of information. Good luck and whatever you do don't let the doctors scare you -it's their favourite game for graves

  • I originally replied to your first post and also have Graves. I felt unable to cope with anything . I thought I was going crazy and my T4 was 86 on diagnosis . Fast forward two years and I feel so much better . I stopped carbimazole last September and I am currently being monitored to see what happens . You will get better and it just takes time and any questions will be answered by the wonderful people on here . I hope you start to feel better soon .

  • It gets better if you receive the right medication and the support needed. I also have graves diagnosed in may last year and have recently been diagnosed with thyroud eye disease. My doctor did not listen to me and it took a year of suffering and being ignored everything was put down to early menopause symptoms as graves affected my period too. At the moment I am alot better. I have had to endure weekly steroid infusions and Radiotherapy . My symptoms are much better and i can sleep but it has been 2 years of hell. Good luck.

  • Cbraffe what a shame you had to go through that! Glad you are getting better x

  • I was hyper and after at least 10 years of neo mercazole and then turning to carbimazole which I then took an allergic reaction to and finally the itching and covering of red rash last year I decided to go for the radioactive treatment. It will be one year now in May and I must say I havnt looked back at all and feel much better most of the time. Hyper with graves is a really terrible condition and I don't really think the doctors or work colleagues understand just what and how it affects you. This website / forum has been excellent for information. Good luck.

  • It is hell. I feel rotten at prrsent.

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