Deep sleep but wake as a zombie?

For the last month or so I've been gradually increasing my thyroid meds, especially T3. So I'm now on 25/45. Which seems like a lot. However, lower doses dont achieve the same result which is unaided deep sleep and unaided pooping - after decades of insomnia and constipation. Bliss! Also starting to shift a pound or two of excess weight.

But - I wake up feeling like I've been drugged, sledgehammered. Feel like a wobbly zombie. Can anyone explain that??

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  • Could it be your adrenals, perhaps? It might be worth getting your cortisol levels tested to see what's going on. If you feel tired in the morning your cortisol might be low... I'm glad you are sleeping better. Take care

  • Coppernob,

    25/45 what?

  • 25mcg levo/45mcg T3

  • Coppernob,

    Do you take any T3 at bedtime?

  • No I dont. Last 10mcg T3 at around 4pm. Do you think I need some at bedtime then? Why exactly?

    Or perhaps something at 4am?

    Don't know current adrenal status. Could do another adrenal stress test in the near future to see if cortisol levels could do with some T3 during waking window.

    What do you think?

  • Coppernob,

    If you take 10mcg at bedtime you won't be on 'empty' when you wake or if you wake at 4am taking a dose then should work.

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