Is high Bp due to thyroid?

Hi all, relieved to find this site. I am a 37 yr old really fit, ok weight PT . I exercise 5 times a week, don't eat too badly and drink some booze. Before xmas by chance BP measured and was crazy high...... Gp has done all tests etc and told me have hypertension and have to start on BP meds. Not keen on this so seeing cardiologist and got blood results.

My TSH is just over highest limit and my B12 levels are 165. Have to admit was taken kelp supplements for hair when had done.

Has anyone had similar experiences where it can cause this?

Many thanks

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  • High blood pressure is a symptom of low thyroid, yes. If you're over the top of the range for TSH, then your TSH is too high. How many times have you done that test? And how many times has it been that high?

    If that was your only test, the best thing to do is get it tested again, in about three months, to see if the high TSH was a fluke, or if you really are hypo. Because you're hypo as soon as your TSH hits three.

    A word of warning, you should never take iodine without getting tested first, to see if you need it. Iodine is one of those things you need just enough of, both too much and too little can make you hypo. So, if I were you, I would stop the iodine before you get your next test.

  • Low thyroid hormone can result in either low or high blood pressure. (Just to make it simple!)

  • Not directly BP answer, but your B12 is also way too low (should ideally be 1000). That would be giving you all sorts of issues.

  • Thanks all for your advice and comments..... sometimes it's clearly good to not just take GP's suggestion of putting me on Bp meds for life when have no reason for high Bp ...... this is a really useful resource 😊

  • Unfortunately it's not rare for those in their mid-30s now to have BP and heart problems.

    So for a start you should really monitor your BP yourself. You can buy the same brand of machine your GP uses so you can measure it at home in a more relaxed environment.

    Also get a copy of the results of the tests the doctor took to confirm your kidneys etc are working normally. GPs do miss things or more likely ignore things that are staring them in the face.

    Then confirm in your family including grandparents, aunts and uncles there is no one with a history of specific illnesses.

    In the meantime give up the iodine, give up the booze and sort out your vitamin B12 to see if it lowers your BP.

    As alcohol lowers vitamin B12 absorption and increases BP. Low B vitamin levels can have an implication in high bp. In fact go to the pernicious anaemia group on healthunlocked to find out more about sorting out your vitamin B12 as it is very low.

  • As suggested by bluebug,

    it's a good idea to get a monitor yourself,make sure you get a clinically validated one,not one of the cheap ones.

    I always do mine at home and tell my Doctor the readings, which she is happy with.

    It is always high if she measures it at the surgery or if I have it done at the hospital, what is called "white coat syndrome", which is common.

    You don't want to go on BP medication unless you have to, as there are lots of side effects.

    I should leave off the kelp supplements, I was taking multi vits last year with iodine in them and it made my hair fall out!

  • Am totally with you on the meds and doing all to prevent going on them ...... just with side effects and long term implications. Have monitor and will continue doing it self. Thanks

  • I have been down that road but have been on BP meds for 8 years. That may change now with my thyriod treatment.

    My BP has returned to the level before the increase 8 years ago when it went haywire, up and down like a yoyo with very high peaks. Had all the heart test and nothing.

    Hypothyroidism was diagnosed approx 18 months ago with a TSH of 2.48 on meds reduced to 1.3 but spiked again to 3. That's when doc increased my dose 46 days ago.

    The change has been a slight increase in my NDT medication from 32.5mg to 40mg (not sure of how many grains). My meds are from a compounding chemist in capsule form. In Aus you must have a script from your doctor and compounding preparations are private script items that are not subsidized by the government health scheme, so are not cheap.

    This is the only change to my medication. So was very surprised about the new reading which is 120 over 70. I am 69 and feeling better than ever physically and emotionally.

  • I am 45 and I too had high blood pressure that had been gradually rising after a period of about 9 months and had the blood pressure tape , and prescribed various hypertension medication and still BP was rising . Another GP at my practice sent me for full blood tests and my T4 was 86 ( 10- 26 ) range and I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and that is what initially raised my blood pressure . Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon.

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