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Hi everyone i'm seeing the endo for the last 2 years when i had slightly overactive thyroid which healed without treatment.Since then everything was fine until my recent blood tests which showed again slightly overactive thyroid and my endo decided to put me on Carbimazole 10mg/day.I would like to hear your experience with this treatment because I've heard only negative ones and scared me to death 😱.Thanks x

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Hi I took carbimazole for years. I had the same as you. Initially I went back to normal. 2nd bloods and I was over again. I started on 10mg I think. It took at least a year for me to settle on 5mg every other day! (To my Gp's horror). It suited me well. However it is a difficult drug as can cause problems with immune system.Every time I got a cold or flu symptoms I had to see gp or go to A & E. Eventually succumbed to have radio active iodine. I regret it bitterly! Try everything before going down that route! Good luck!!

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I've been on it 6 and 1/2 years with no problems.

I've had coughs and colds and not had to go to hospital.

I'm very fit and well.

I'm on block and replace 100mg of thyroxine and 10 mg of carbimazole daily.

I think the problem is that only people who have had negative reactions to the carbimazole come on here and the ones who carry on and are well don't need to.

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Onestly I was thinking to that that's why i dis want to hear some positive experiences as well, thanks and take care x


I'm in remission from Graves Disease. I was treated with block and replace - that's carbimazole to kill of thyroid action and levothyroxine to replace it.

I took 40mcg carbimazole a day for a year and felt great taking it. If I relapse I would definitely want to take it again. In fact when I was signed off I was told that should I relapse it was radioactive for me and I thought 'No way' and went to see my GP and told her that I definitely did not want rai under any circumstances.

I had a bit of a sore throat to begin with and rushed down to the doc for a white blood count but there was no problem so I relaxed about it after that and the second time I had a sore-ish throat we decided on a 'wait and see' response and sure enough nothing ever came of it that time either.

Make sure you read and keep a hold of the instructions that come with the carbimazole though.

According to Dr Anthony Toft who wrote Understanding Thyroid Disorders if you are going to have problems they will happen within the first few weeks.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.


Thank you x


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