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Swollen sore thyroid

Dear all,

I am hypo following RIA last July, and taking 75mg levo daily since mid November. I've had a really heavy cold which won't go, but now I have a bad cough and my thyroid, which had shrunk is really sore and swollen: it hurts to cough or swallow and even to roll over in bed. I feel as if I hav flu: aching joints etc.

Any advice? Acute Thyroiditis perhaps???

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RAI will have destroyed your thyroid so it's unlikely your throat pain and discomfort is due to inflamed thyroid and more likely due to inflamed throat due to your cough and cold. I find a dessertspoon of honey in hot water with a slice of lemon to be very soothing on the throat. When I wake with coughing or dry throat sipping the cold honey water lemon drink seems to 'oil' the dry throat more than water can.


It's too low down and not inside the throats as such. Left hand side only and bottom of laryngeal cartilage.


Diagnosed as thyroiditis. Amoxicillin treatment! Glad I didn't rely on honey and lemon!


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