Sore & swollen shins?

Hi, I was diagnosed under active 8 months ago and still on a journey to getting back to me. For a few years now, I've had swelling under both my knees, at top of shins. It's sore to touch and looks like fluid. Gp's scratch their heads and don't know what it could be other than fluid retention. Sometimes it's worse than others and often feel like it's on fire inside the swelling. Another blood test done today and doc suggested if my but D still low it could be connected to that. Any ideas great fully received thanks 😊 X

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What you're describing could possibly be shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome). I've suffered in the past just from a little too much walking with the pushchair when my Son was younger. It doesn't help if carrying a little extra weight.

There is a hot burning sensation, and I found it was difficult to climb stairs or break into a jog!

Not Osgood Schlatters disease is it? Supposed to grow out of it by late teens, but my brother has it still and he is in his 50's...–Schlatter_disease

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Pre tibial myxoedema ? ? I thought it was an overactive connection, but maybe it's autoimmune . Do you have Hashi or Graves antibodies.

I have hashimotos. Had blood test yesterday so not sure where I am at the moment with it all 😊. Thanks for replying x

Hi Debby,

I followed your link and it seems that shin swelling is a symptom of Graves' disease. I have Hashi's so is it possible to have both? Thanks for your help everyone, much appreciated 😊 X

I'm not completely sure but I think so yes. Iv got Graves antibodies, these attack the thyroid causing it to overproduce thyroxine. Hashimoto is also autoimmune but the antibodies attack on the thyroid causes it to slow production of thyroxine. As I understand it yes you can have both antibodies.

Check out erythema nodosum - sorry not sure about spelling - it was some 50 years when I suffered and thought the bumps were old hockey injuries ! Now I have found many of the pieces to the thyroid jigsaw puzzle I have read there is a connection. TB and Crohns are also connected and I had both. A consultant thought I could be allergic to cabbage and sent me on my way !

It really makes you Wonder how they managed to become consultants. It's obviously not their knowledge that counts!

Thanks Greygoose. I've shown my knees to three GPs and all just scratched their heads and did no more! It's getting worse now though, so will suggest this to the one nice GP when I can get an appointment! X

Yes, and tell him to get some anti-dandruff shampoo, so he doesn't have to do so much head-scratching, in future! He might then be able to get on with his job! ;)

Thanks Marz. A lot of this does add up although I've been like this for years so it doesn't fit the 3 week then resolve itself pattern. Just had blood test & CRP so will see if that's elevated. Just want to get it sorted now as very painful and I can't show my legs as they look awful! X

Goodmorning Denise,

I'm not sure if this is related to what you're experiencing but when I was on Levothyroxine , my shins would swell. When I switched to Erfa, I don't swell anymore.... All the best .... Hope you find your answers . This whole hypo thyroid issue is difficult to get right xx

Morning Julia and thanks for your reply 😊. My knees have been like this for a few years but getting gradually worse and that was before my thyroid went wrong. You're right though this thyroid thing is a minefield! It's great to hear from others in here, then we know we're it alone. Thanks & take care x

Yes it's comforting to know we're not alone .. I should come on site more for support instead of struggling on my own.... Take great care☀️

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