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Hyper...adrenaline surge!

Been diagnosed hyper since October. I'm taking 20 mg carbimazol. I was up ALL night and in the morning was rushing around cleaning etc I thought I would be tired , but I kept going ALL day!! My friend said it was an adrenaline surge!!?? Does this happen often? Also I'm getting worried as I'm putting on weight rapidly 8 lb in two weeks!!! So I'm going to book doc appointment on Tuesday , but shall I reduce the carb in the mean time ????

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I was hyper and gained two stone in weight but gradually as I got better my weight gain stopped and now two years later I am back to my normal weight . I wouldn't worry too much about any weight fluctuations as the main thing is to try and get better . Good luck with it all . My t4 was 86 when initially diagnosed and I was on carbimazole but I have been off carb since September and I feel great . I hope you feel better soon .


Hi Elizabeth,

These are the things that i did everyday... its your option if you want to try these might help:

Avoid sweets food

Avoid salty food

Prefer to use rock salt or himalayan pink salt.

Juice goitrogenic foods like brocoli spinach mix with berries, flax seed and olive oil...every morning and evening

Take a walk under the sun with no sunblock for 30min or 1hr.. for vit D

I take organic vit.K2 supplement for calcium absorbtion aside from getting vit d from d sun.

Avoid gluten, GMO, MSG

Go for organic foods (preferrably)

Eat avocado

Take melatonin 3mg 1hr after dinner.



Thank you,why avocado?


Avocado contains wide variety of nutrients this includes Oleic Acid that help reduce inflammation, rich in fiber, and it is a powerful antioxidant.

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Adrenal fatigue? Zinc at 15-30 mg helps lower cortisol, plus magnesium should help calm you down, without more info that's all I can really say for now.


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