Let us hope that 2017 is a better year for us all, in comparison to this last quite strange one... how many optimists are still left? ;-)

Let us hope that 2017 is a better year for us all, in comparison to this last quite strange one... how many optimists are still left? ;-)

2016 has been pretty grim in several ways - health, dreadful news on cuts for those most in need, much political upheaval across the world... you name it.

Just to say a very Happy New Year to all at Health Unlocked. Looking forward to better times ahead for each and every one of us. :-)

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  • I don't believe the NHS will still exist in any meaningful fashion by the end of 2017. So count me out of the optimist group. ;)

    Happy New Year to you, and hope you have a good 2017. :)

  • Me neither and, given what we get now... this is all a bit worrying. I've never much been a big petition person but the ones doing the round re NHS etc are definitely worth signing - people do seem to at least get things held up and looked at again.

    Best to you humanbean - hope yours is good too :-)

  • More cynics and sceptics than optimists. The day of Dr Pangloss seems to have well and truly passed.

    To illustrate:

    Before he has even been inaugurated we are seeing numerous stories about the likelihood of Trump having a heart attack (apparently seven times as likely as Hillary Clinton - despite HC being the one on Armour), or his being impeached as a way to get rid of him. Not a lot of optimism there.

  • Well this year has certainly sent many of us reeling... the unbelievable via the unthinkable got into a boat and paddled out to sea with a plastic spoon.

    Ah well, I was kind of hoping someone might have a spark of something left... hey, tomorrow's another day :-) Best of, eh?

  • Tomorrow's another year! I hope it's a good one for you, LindaC - and for all of us.

  • Yes indeed it is! We can only hope, whilst not being complacent - it just gets tiresome having to 'take them on'.

    Very best to you too greygoose.

  • :D

  • depends. If you are hispanic, female, have any skin tone other than the palest pale, detest hate groups and their ideology, as well as billionaire politics, thgen you have just given me reason to be optomistic. He did NOT win popular vote. Not my president

  • Being in the US, it seems as if the country is about to have a nervous breakdown. That trend seems to be happening in Europe and Latin America. Here, the 'grandchildren' of Hitler feel emboldened, thanks to Trump. And there's the possibility of shredding our already thin social safety net. The Republicans want to return America, economically and socially, to the 1920's, before the Depression.

    Since the 'election', more like a coup, thanks to Russia, my sleep has gotten worse, as has my mood(I have severe bipolar). If I wasn't married I'd leave.

  • tropicaldaze, I have family in the US and I can't believe what has happened BUT, like the UK and Brex*hit, those people were always there just not in such plain sight. Yes the same is happening here, penalize and punish people - it is disgraceful. I'm not at all sure that other countries were behind the US election... I think there is enough of the very same factors as those going on in the UK to have people react as they did; what they seem unable to see is that they have actually voted against themselves! I get what you're saying, I am so sickened by what I've seen here.

    You just take care of yourself and keep as well as you can :-) xox

  • Thank you, Linda. I followed the Brexit movement and vote, as I did the Scottish independence vote. I get it that people are frustrated and angry at a political system that seems not to care or is more concerned about winning elections rather than improving the lives of its nation's citizens. Yes; people who voted 'yes' for Brexit and those who voted for Trump are in some ways cut from the same cloth and, as you point out, both groups are cutting off their noses to spite their faces and life in our respective countries is going to become even more of a bloody mess.

  • Absolutely tropicaldaze - I fear for young children seeing this stuff going on - just when it 'kind of felt like' there had been a big mood swing away from racist tendencies. I am seeing this in places I never quite expected to. However angry people are about whichever system - the mass of us would be - ludicrous choices, via the very people telling them to vote against 'elitism' [when they are in fact the elite] and people seeming unable to see that, has left me dumbfounded... I still am and reeling from the US election. I take wagers with my husband and it was so easy to 'predict' both of them [yet little feet paddling underwater saying, "Noooo, please Nooo"].

    Sadly, I truly believed that the world would finally move into a much more kind and tolerant phase... looks like it will not be in my lifetime. Anyways, we also need to focus on our health - as if services aren't bad enough - because if we don't, no one else will. Very best to you xox

  • I try to stay hopeful, too, both for the state of the world and my life. Maybe I'm doing a tad better with my life but it's always hanging by a thread.

    Our parents and grandparents lived through the Depression and fought in WWII. Britain endured The Blitz and V1 attacks. I'm nominally a student of history and by looking back we see how previous generations endured hardships or confronted threats to their security or well being.

    Whether the fight is political or advocating for our personal well being, we must endure and persevere. Winston Churchill would, assuredly, agree. Cheers.

  • Yes, it's kind of the only way to get through any of this but when it's cold in winter [when health for some of us is worse], this stuff just seems worse :-(

    In terms of perspective, people have indeed seen these things happen before... yet there is a kind of 'presumption of progress', that humans will actually learn from history. We must indeed endure and persevere... and another one attributed to Churchill: "If you're going through hell, keep going". ;-) Cheers!

  • I am in US too and i can't imagine who voted for Trump, only some rednecks and members of KKK. Elections were fixed and now I can't imagine what will happen to us and the rest o the world... God help us all. If anyone missed watching movie from 2006 called "Idiocracy" should watch it now, prophecy from it is happening today, not in 1000 years. Only this is comedy and when you have it in real life it's not funny anymore...

  • We just visit family and I have friends there; some FB friends have fallen out over the election! Thank you moggy35, I'll check that movie out. The Simpsons certainly had it pegged well in advance. I guess we shall all have to wait and see; perhaps, as an American friend says, "He won't get away with outrageous stuff"; hope not.

    Take care, be well and Happy New Year xx

  • Haha, that's funny Upgrade! Happy New Year :-)

  • I'm currently in Cape Canaveral, FL and this area is big Trump country, though it's an affluent area. Unlike many Republicans who placed country above party, the vote against Hillary Clinton was, in part, a repudiation of the legacy of President Obama. To Trump voters, Obama was a Communist. Crazy. He saved the economy, saved GM, directed our military and the CIA to take out many terrorists, including Bin Laden, worked hard to make this country fairer and more inclusive. 46% of white voters think white people are under attack because our society is changing. And no matter what they try to do, white people will be in the minority in about 30 years.

    I never watched 'Idiocracy' but I've watched 'V For Vendetta' many times. That film resonates, strongly, with me, now seeing totalitarian aspects of what Trump has unleashed. Bad times coming.

  • Yes, I've seen on TV the Tr*mp Supporters :-( I have a friend who visits FL every year and a FB friend there who is so anti-trump I've been bogged down with his posts for months! Obama was anything but communist crazy... Americans still obsessed with McCarthyism ;-) People have forgotten that populations change over time and movement is inevitable, often totally necessary, (many times both the UK and US would not have functioned without people moving there to work) and also often desirable, (e.g. the huge diversity we've actually enjoyed).

    Same with Brex* here, people wanting to 'show them'... education is now so poor in both countries, way down on international lists. I kept saying that referendum is "The Pontius Pilate of Politics", where the public school boys throw a in fight, knotty issue to the hoi polloi, then walk away blaming anyone else for the outcome. Sadly, the public was in no position to be making such a monumental, far reaching, decision where even the politicians appear not to have had any plans... then the boys ran away!

    I've certainly heard of V for Vendetta - thanks - so that's two for me to watch... I agree 'bad times are a-coming' all right. Take care xx

  • Living with a chronic illness does steel us to adversity, IMO. We also learn to roll with the punches. That's what we'll have to do. If everything goes to hell in a handbasket, oh well...the voters who made bone headed decisions will have to live with the consequences, just like the rest of us. Or, as an old comic strip character, Pogo, created by Walt Kelly, said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." My best wishes.

  • Oh it certainly does steel us ;-) I must look that up, Pogo? Thanks again - very best to you :-) xx

  • That's interesting HC being on armour. She certainly seemed to be down on basic vitamins / Thyroid during the campaign. How could that be with those fantastic Drs in USA. afterall, she could afford them.

  • I heard somewhere too that HC was taking Armour Thyroid - it seems to have also become less popular in mainstream medicine, even in the USA... seems to be a concerted effort in some quarters to have the world on T4 only: (someone's pet theory ;-) ) yet just when docs here were willing to prescribe T3 and combos, 'poof' it's being taken away from some people in the UK.

    HC may just believe what she's told? Who can tell?

  • Medscape article - you will likely have to sign up (for free) to view it:


    Bernie Sanders is on levothyroxine.

  • Thanks for that helvella - I've forgotten my password but will check it out. I suspect so many people could do with thyroid hormones with age... err, like over 55, not simply those with a clear deficiency? Interesting!

  • I reurn your best wishes.

  • Thank you shaws :-)

  • Thankyou I hope 2017 is a better year for everyone

  • Me too LottieAnne15 - take care and be well.

  • Happy New Year, LindaC :)

  • Thank you Clutter - on my way out but wish I wasn't ;-) Take care and be well :-)

  • not optimistic here. Giant cheeto as president hasn't even taken office and I have had two hate crimes against me personally. Not looking good on my front.

  • So sorry to hear that 😢😡

  • thank you. Pretty much like a living hell for my family and friends these days.

  • Keep telling myself that things sometimes have to get worse before they can take a turn to the better. Hope the world soon will be a better place to live for all of us - without fear and hatred.

    We have to spread love!


  • One day, eh? Can't quite believe that life appears to be going backwards... very sad. xox

  • Yes BirgitteG - spread the love - and hope for better times ahead <3 Very best to you xox

  • Not here until impeachment. I am remaining very active though, hoping it comes sooner rather than later. The stuff in the news is th tip of the iceberg. Thank you for the kind thoughts.

  • May all good forces be with you!!!

  • And you too BirgitteG !!! :-) Take care xox

  • ohm1 we can all only now hope that something pulls back from the freakiness! Thank you for our conversation - very interesting - and your kindness to. Best to you xox

  • Yes, so sorry to hear that. Take care and be well. xx

  • ohm1 hopefully life will improve soon - best we can hope for - take care and be well :-) xox

  • Its a new year and a new start so i'm hoping for the best! Im making a conscious decision to try and avoid worrying where i can as at the end of the day most of what you worry about doesnt happen, what does happen you cant do much about and one thing ive worked out since my TT 2 yrs ago is that stress deffinately affects me adversely. It has been a year of bad news but think of the good things. This site is one of them, a place where we can get help and advice, where we can be understood when so many others dont understand us and not least where we can have a whinge and let off steam!

    So a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all and lets try to hope for the best , at least at the start of the year anyway ;-) Xx

  • Exactly mrsm49 - summed up so very well - it is good to know there's somewhere to go to (even when been away from here for a while) and someone will listen and advise. Yes, Hope for the Best [prepare for...] - very best to you and all :-) xox

  • And to you too x

  • I found 2016 quite devastating not least because of the unpleasantness that seemed to be unleashed by the political upheaval. With political correctness out of the window the world seems a nasty frightening place. Thank goodness for places like this where well intentioned people go to great effort to help one another.

    Thanks to all for this especially the Administrators. I wish everyone the healthiest and happiest New Year possible.

  • To you too rosemaryanne - yes thanking everyone here - Administrators... then the list is huge, also including Marz too :-)

  • Wishing healing and love to you all in 2017!

    The past 30 months have been both frightening and rewarding for me healthwise, in my Hashi's journey. My goal this year is write a book about my journey - hoping to help others. Some of my conclusions at this point in my journey (briefly): (1) I believe that EBV has played a huge part in my health issues; and (2) Those with autoimmune issues have an amazing amount of power to heal themselves and reclaim their lives. Forums like this are a piece of the puzzle, providing hope and inspiration.

    Health and wellness to you all :)

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow,


  • Klagh, I do believe that much self healing goes largely untapped and is often hijacked by charlatans. Best of luck with your writing - I have other books on the go - never enough time, so I wish you well and completion.

    Yes, health and wellness to you and all :-)

  • Happy New Year LindaC!!!

    ...and YES, bl***y hell, I hope 2017 will be much better than the previous one...;)

  • To you too Kitten1978 - bleeding hell indeed! Too scared to say it can't get any worse ;-) Hey, onward and upward - to endocrinology and beyond (well beyond) ;-)

    Take care and be well :-) xox

  • I also wouldn't dare to say "it cannot get any worse". The last year exceeded my wildest and worst expectations with regards to how bad things can get... Never mind, while there is life there is hope ;)

    Take care and I hope 2017 will bring you lots of good health xx

  • We could all be pleasantly surprised!? Great talking with you - my very best to you, to everyone on here and to all. :-) xox

  • ...with the emphasis on "PLEASANTLY" (surprised) ;)) xx

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