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Adults aged between 40 and 74 in England invited for this health check. Local Authorities in charge of it seems it's a public health programme aimed at preventing and identifying individuals at high risk of developing or having heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of dementia. Chronic kidney disease has similar symptoms to thyroid as does diabetes.

Exclusions are if you have been diagnosed with:-

Coronary heart disease

Chronic kidney disease



Atrial Fibrillation

Transient Ischaemic attack

Hyper cholesterolamia

Heart Failure

Peripheral Arterial Disease


Are on statins

It states if you are concerned about your health, don't wait until your NHS Health Check to do something about it go to GP and ask for your health Check. Some local chemists are offering this service.

Hope it's of use.

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from what i gather all they do at these tests is to check your b.p. , cholesterol and blood glucose and just do a risk assessment for things like kidney disease. not convinced its particularly done simply for the patients interests more likely to get more of the population on to statins and bp meds!

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Hi chi kens12, can only speak for ourselves but both my husband and I have had this done. alchmilla12 is about spot on,it is very light weight stuff and pretty pointless really unless one has specific concerns.It might pick up high low BP and cholesterol in someone who is totally unaware of these things but other than that pretty useless IMHO.The nurse who did ours seem less informed than we were-and we don't know much!!


as a side I have suspicions that the practice gets 'points' for doing it, and points mean cash prizes.


How many people remain undiagnosed despite having clinical symptoms, with the result they develop heart disease amongst other diseases due to not being diagnosed as their TSH is within range or being undertreated.


Yup, as the others say, another QoF tick box waste of space. Height, weight & BMI calculated. BP measured twice. Immediate family history noted. Alcohol, tobacco, diet & exercise discussed. Cholesterol to be checked.

HCA not aware that hypothyroidism increases risk of heart problems, stroke, Parkinson's, breast cancer or diabetes. Still, she was better informed when I left, so not a total waste of my time :-D


I thought that it might have been helpful to some people to be able to eliminate certain conditions sorry for posting


Why should you be sorry for posting? I/we might not value it but someone is bound to gain from the check. I will at long last know what my cholesterol status is :-D


I definitely don't think this testing is a waste of time. When I turned 40 my doctors surgery sent me an invite for an over 40 health check, I didn't go, then 3 yrs later I moved area and joined a new surgery, I was offered this again and agreed to have it done, the tests were liver, kidney and thyroid function, & cholesterol. This is how I found out I have Autoimmune Thyroiditis, so I am very grateful for this (getting old) test.

Chickens12, don't be sorry for posting this, many people will find it helpful, if not for themselves but for passing onto others.

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I had one of these last year. The HCA who carried it out didn't seem to know very much about anything. She told me I was overweight (which I knew) and that my cholesterol was too high (which I also knew). She wanted me to go on a diet and take statins. I suggested a better idea might be to actually treat my hypothyroidism, which should resolve both issues. A year on, I am on 125mcg levo and both my weight and my cholesterol have come down.

This scheme will attract the worried well, not the ones who think they may get picked up for habits that are deleterious to their health.


I used to go for an 'MOT' every year until I realised that my illness was being ignored and that doctors get paid for these clinics!! The GP refused point blank to prescribe Armour, even though the endo had recommended I take it as the levo wasn't working. Did they care? NO!! So I now refuse all blood tests at the GP's surgery as I feel because they cannot enforce the free T3 and free T4 tests they would not get a full picture of what is going on and of course they would tell me to reduce my meds because 'my TSH is suppressed'!! Well, I've had enough of my meds being messed about with and have taken control myself, I refuse to let any doctor reduce or change my meds. I am the one who adjusts it if need be, after all they can go home at night and forget about it, I have to live with it!!


i will not have it on principle - they only do it because they get funding for every check. They cannot even manaGE (OR diagnose) my existing diseases, why would i waste my time going in for a janet and john test that will be a total waste of time and contribute NOTHING to my health - only revenue for my nhs gp


I decided to go and was gutted to discover my BP is no longer the perfect 120/70 leading to a series of visits to get it retested. I have got very anxious about it. Statins were mentioned but I said I did not want them, my BP is not serious enough to warrant them apparently ( I am with Dr Malcolm Kendrick on them anyway - total waste of time). Despite eating a healthy diet, not smoking, not drinking, not being overweight and taking lots of exercise they say my cholesterol is too high but it is the good one that is elevated (what the heck does that mean?). The old man had similar heart pains then elevated blood pressure to me and he lived to be 87, living independently till last two days of his life - may be it is just genetic and there is nothing much I can do about it but accept it as the hand I have been dealt by fate.

In essence the health check is a good idea but for me it is now causing me a lot of worry and stress.


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