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Distasteful taste after eating sweet things

I have been taking 25gc levothyroxine at 5 am and Omaprazole now before lunch, it recently when I eat anything sweet I get a horrid taste I. My this seems to ha e happened fairly recently I now wonder if it's these two tablets interacting... I think the Levi needs an acid stomach and the Omaprazole an alkaline one..not sure if that's right..any comments would be interesting...I also take Simvastatin at night, as well as Senna and Ducosate for chronic constipati

thanks ..Hather


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Levothyroxine actually dissolves better in an alkaline environment. Although some can be absorbed in the mouth, throat and stomach, much of the absorption occurs after the stomach where it is usually alkaline.

Omeprazole doesn't need an alkaline environment - it suppresses acid production in the stomach so making it less acid than it would be otherwise.

Trouble is, people who are hypothyroid often don't produce enough acid. So giving omeprazole to them is counter-productive.

Many people here strongly disagree with statins being given to people who are hypothyroid. Certainly some of the manufacturers even warn of issues such as the possibility of rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown). Is your cholesterol incredibly high?


Thank you for reply, I was put on Simvastatin many years ago when it was 7 it has been what they say good at 4.5 for several,years, bad reaction that I know of with Statins, I can walk well uphills with no trouble ..I have a,ways had tender wrists and arms tho

It's the counter reactive situation that I find a bit difficult to get my head round, as although I eat quite a real veggie eater, I feel very well for my age of 81 and doctors just say I'm doing very well and seem pleased .. I do have loads of gallstones in my gallbladder, but only get very very occasional attacks, so together we decided not to main problem is a prolapsed bowel once again which is another scary thing..Cos a repeat operation this time probably would not be keyhole, and bur I don't like to complain as many are so much worse

THanks for replying👍


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I agree with helvella . Usually if hypothyroid the symptoms we have are assumed by the doctor to be the cause of high acid, when in fact we have low acid but symptoms are so similar so we have to add acid by either taking some Apple Cider Vinegar (good quality) in water or juice to drink during meals, or Betaine with Pepsin tablets.

Stomach acid is necessary to dissolve food/protein and I'll give a couple of links.


Er... don't eat sweet things? Sweet things cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc.

Seriously, you might want look into changing your diet. Look into Paul Jaminet's Perglfect Health Diet, or a Paleo, or ketogenic diet.

Constipation could be caused by magnesium deficiency or food allergy/sensitivity to gluten, corn, or something else.

High cholesterol and triglycerides can be caused by too many carbohydrates. Or you might have the APO E4 gene, which paradoxically makes you have more cholesterol than most people.

You might want to seek out a Functional Medicine doctor. If you can't find one, at least look into your gut health. The Food Intolerance Bible by Anthony Haynes is a good place to start troubleshooting.

Good luck!


Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in the gut which I believe causes a rush of nasties in the mouth, especially noticeable if you have little or no sugar in your diet but occasionally fall off the wagon. People who eat a lot of sugar one way or another often do not realise that the parrot taste in their mouths is caused by an increase in bad bacteria. The answer is not to have any sugar!


Yes although I don't have sugar as such, will cut down on any sweet things, it could make good sense what you say, I am going to cut out the occasional biscuit and cake, as the occasional makes even more sense as thanks a lot To you and other similar replies.👍 Hather

Ps off to a New Years party now, in fact always do go for the savoury things.


I know that dried fruit is high in sugar, but I find two organic dates after my main meal does the trick and is healthier than artificial sugars.

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