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Do Wish Endocrinology Would Get its Act Together, Fit for the Twenty-First Century!

Do Wish Endocrinology Would Get its Act Together, Fit for the Twenty-First Century!

I have just opened a link (see below) today on over-diagnosis of thyroid cancer... last year or so I commented on the daughter of a relative's friend.. went to her GP with her young child, had the GP notice a very slight bulge on her neck [mother of the child] - yet who had reported no symptoms of anything. Within no time at all she had her thyroid removed, then the biopsy came back as 'inconclusive'... for me that was unbelievable but I absolutely know this to be accurately reported information.

Then we have us hypothyroid_s, often struggling for years for a diagnosis and then strung along on the basis of dreadfully flawed, often inappropriate for some, blood tests: there are several ways in which statistical errors occur and clearly where medics are often so ignorant... or are they? Look at all of the wombs removed [unnecessarily] many years back... several such examples of gung ho medical faux paus certainly exist. Maybe just over zealous - but that too is an error!

Sad state of affairs: statistically there is a Type I and a Type II Error; respectively, to Hang the Innocent Man and to Let the Guilty Man Go Free, ensuring there are problems for the individual and for populations whichever way :-(

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Interesting link. And I like the picture you've posted too.

I noticed that DES (Diethyl-Stilbestrol) was mentioned on your link. My mother took that for several months while she was pregnant with me. I think it is a big factor in me having the health problems I have had throughout my life.

My mother didn't take DES when she was carrying my sister, and my sister has had vastly better health than me throughout her life.


Thank you, yes that pic is funny :-) Right humanbean, that is interesting - I do wish, today, they would document this kind of information, including 'key stages' of our hormone profile to have a more valid, more reliable profile.

Funny you should say that but I have no idea what my mother took when carrying me but she was prescribed all manner of stuff before my sister and brother were born [almost 7 years after me] and my sister first, then my brother later also have health issues. My thyroid stuff seems more tied up with its background resting, in one part or another, on both sides of my family.

Hope you had a good time over these holidays and a Happy New Year too xox


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