Does anyone have any recommendations for something that helps tendonitis?

I have suffered with it in my hip for the past 5 years,have had injections every year which do help but wear off after 4 months.It's not advisable to have them more frequently as they can make your muscles weak.

Now I have had to stop my T3 for a while and am just on Thyroxine only as a trial requested by my Doctor (due to the cost),my tendonitis has got much worse, to the extent that I can only get upstairs by going on all fours,and the pain stops me sleeping.Pain killers don't seem to do anything for it.

Any help would be welcome!

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  • If the pain has got worse since you stopped the T3, perhaps the solution is to buy your own. Then, not only can you take it again, you can give yourself an increase, and maybe the pain will completely go away.

  • Thanks greygoose,

    I am waiting to have a blood test in 6 weeks time, which should show that the T3 has gone right down, and am hoping that my Doctor will then agree that I can go back on it,if only half the dose. If not then I will need to find somewhere I can buy it!

  • Hi blondpalomino, I'm not experienced enough to comment on the medication side of things having only very recently switched from Levo to NDT (Erfa) but 2 years ago I did develop tendonitis in my left shoulder. I didn't know it was tendonitis until after visiting a couple of chiropractors who didn't do much good, I tried a local physiotherapist who turned out to be wonderful.

    After describing all symptoms, she suggested probably tendonitis and she gave me a combination of physiotherapy, tissue massage, acupuncture and 'cupping'. It took some time but after initial treatments, she suggested longer gaps between treatments (which was useful as I don't have a high income) but I did start to feel relief. She also suggested asking my GP if I could have a scan of my shoulder, which they agreed to. Had to wait a while for that but it did show some inflammation to the 'bursar' and some general wear (well I am 61) .

    Now some 2 years or more later I just have occasional 'flares' if I do certain things the wrong way - such as how I sit at my work desk, distance from screen etc. Lots of things which put a strain on the shoulder joints. She also suggested certain exercises to strengthen the area which were easy to incorporate into my working day.

    Could be worth trying if you can find a good acupuncturist

  • Have a lok at thw BAcC website for a practitioner, you can search by postcode.

    There's also an organisation called acmac.net that provide cheaper multi-bed treatments.

  • I did have Physio for several months on the NHS,they gave me exercises which I do every day.I have had an MRI scan of my hip, nothing significant showed up on it, and the consultant could only suggest ultrasound scanned injections, which I have had about 5 of over five years,but too many can damage the muscles.There is nothing else they can do,there is no operation for it.

    I have had acupuncture for migraines a few years ago, but that didn't work at the time.

  • This will help but if you are low on thyroxine be careful magnesium can cause your respiratory system to drop down too low - so start very slowly and DO NOT TAKE AT NIGHT no matter what anyone tells you.


  • Not to get off point, but this site does not look like a reliable source since they do not have any professional/medical references to their claims.

  • Repeat - No but I have knowledge of nutrition for over 50 years and have experienced chronic muscle issues and was diagnosed with Mg deficiency - so I can verify it.

  • Repeat? Ok... I did not see you light that out in your text, but If one should give a reference I think it should be from a reliable source when you recommend a source. Subjective statements should as well be known as one. No offence!

  • I have Lupus and Hashis and 2nd stage adrenal insufficiency - I was unable to take any drugs whatsoever because I was so allergic - the Lupus causing many many issues - I was at times at deaths door - I worked through my Lupus - researching every symptom and working out what part of the body was breaking down and through sites like that I learned what was going wrong and I supplemented and supplemented - and got through Lupus and into remission - even the medical profession were astounded and I supply research to them on nutrition still to this day - more often than not - pieces of work as I have offered - if I had waited for the medical profession or other articles to be a reliable source - I wouldnt be here now - but there again I know my subject because I have had to live it too.

  • Hi Posthinking,

    I already take magnesium,but only 150 a day,which I have been taking for quite a long time as it is supposed to be good for migraines which I have suffered with as well as muscle pain.I may think about increasing the dose.

    I do sympathise with you for having lupus, my sister also has it and it is a horrible disease and can cause so many different problems.

  • Hi there - my sympathies to your sister - it is a horrible disease and hardly anyone knows about it and because it is an invisible disability you don't get much sympathy either !!! 300 mg is a good balanced dose I find - I have found 500 mg a bit too much but 300mg is just right but then that is me. Product I use is Bio care Magnesium Citrate - by the way my Lupus was heavily connected to the thyroid and adrenal problem - does you sister have a thyroid problem?

  • Hi Posthinking,

    no, fortunately she doesn't have thyroid disease as well.Her rheumatologist was surprised as he said it was common to have both.

    She has to take iron tablets all of the time as she doesn't absorb it.

    She also gets very bad chilblains on her fingers which go black and she has a treatment twice a year in hospital when she has a drip for 5 days for something which helps the circulation.

    I will try 300 mg of magnesium to see if that helps.


  • Poor girl - still wouldnt be surprise if her thyroid wasnt lowish like mine was but blood test was always normal.

  • thanks for your concern posthinking01.

    I don't think she can be underactive as she is very thin,though she eats more than I do.She has had tests on her bowel but they could find nothing wrong,so maybe to do with the lupus.

    Some people think great,you don't put on weight, but it can be as much as a health risk to be too thin as too fat.

    Kind regards,I have started having double the dose of magnesium and will jet you know how I get on!

  • I would recommend acupuncture/cupping and gentle exercise. Also 1kilo of Epsom salts in bath lay in that for 20 mins. You can also buy magnesium sprays in health food shops which can ease it and as others have suggested magnesium supplements but start with 1 & gradually build up. I hope you get some relief.

  • Sometimes re-aligning the pelvis can help to take the pressure off the Greater Trochanter where the TFL and the ileo-tibia band pass over and become inflamed. I had surgery on the right side back in 2007 and now the left side is excrutiatingly painful. I have regular treatments with an osteopath which help. I also have spondylolithesis. Some yoga stretches also help 😊

  • Hi Marz,

    I have a good Chiropractor who I have known for nearly 30 years,and he has kept me going!

    He did some deep tissue massage a few months ago, which helped a bit,I was coping with it up until now,but it seems to have got a lot worse since I stopped the T3.

  • Hi BlondPalomino,

    Please post your recent Vit D and Vit B12 results and reference ranges. Try to make your levels of both optimal, and consider taking magnesium too.

  • Hi Londinium,

    I have not had any blood tests for Vit D or Vit B12.I had to insist with my Doctor that she needed to do the T3 test,or she would only have done the TSH and T4, which would have been useless!

  • Hi BlondPalomino,

    Tell your doctor that you've never had either of these tests done before and you'd, therefore, appreciate doing them both because you really want to sort this out and move forward.

    Otherwise, you could consider using a private lab.


  • I am not medically qualified but believe you should be on T3 as well to relieve some of your pain.

    I think your doctor is another who does not know how metabolism works, or doesn't work if hyper/hypo. This is a link:-


    This is a past post and some points in it may be helpful.


    Excerpt from following link:-

    However, many people who have normal thyroid test results also have too little thyroid hormone regulation of cells in their connective tissues called "fibroblasts." A result of the inadequate regulation of these cells is the perception of tissue swelling or actual swelling. In some people, connective tissue swelling leads to regional problems. For example, the tendons and ligaments in the wrist may swell, compress the median nerve, and cause the symptoms known as "carpal tunnel syndrome."


  • No but I have knowledge of nutrition for over 50 years and have experienced chronic muscle issues and was diagnosed with Mg deficiency - so I can verify it.

  • Have you doen any research on Glukosamine? This could be helpfull for those with arthritis and tendonitis.

  • thanks I will look into that.

  • Have you tried magnesium oil massaged in, into the effected area plus magnesium supplements. Magnesium cofactors are a B complex, Boron, Bicarbonate. If you do try the magnesium, don't skip the cofactors... Hope that helps...

  • Hi Roadrunnergreg,

    thanks for your info.I am taking 300 mg of magnesium daily now, only recently increased it from 150mg,but not the others,so will look into that.

  • Increase the magnesium to 750-1000mg a day

  • Hi, that seems an awful lot! Was worried that 300 mg would upset my stomach, but I think that much definitely would!

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Thing is, if your deficient treat it like a bank account overdrawn, by £1000 if you need to pay the overdraft off you need to put more than you spend back into the account. You can spread it out in 2-3 doses through the day,

    They used to recommend 1000mg of both calcium and magnesium daily, the only thing that's changed is in about half the products the absorbability has improved. Calcium and magnesium are the most required nutrients in volume not importance though.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have been on 300mg a day for a couple of weeks, but have had to go back to 150mg again now as it was making my stomach bloated and giving me awful pains.Funnily enough my hip has improved a bit since I did that, but probably a coincidence.

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