Achilles Tendonitis and Hypothyroidism??

Hi my name is Emma, I'm 42 years old, a mother of one and a career firefighter. I am after information about Achilles Tendonitis and Hypothyroidism. I have recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and have started reading a lot about it. I have been having many symptoms for many years, with excessive fatigue, memory loss, constipation and muscular aches and pains being the most debilitating, but also including chronic Achilles Tendonitis (which I had put down to an over-use injury). I have been an athlete all my life and assumed the Achilles problem was an accumulation of wear and tear. Just wondering if you could share any info/experiences that you may have about the possible link between Hypothyroidism and Achilles Tendonitis. It would be wonderful to clear up this problem as well as the other symptoms I have. Many thanks, Emma

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  • I might have the Hypothyroidism or Bipolar, I'm not sure which. I'm glad u have been diagnosed, how long did it take? I'm 16 and I've been having a hard time and every effort I've made to get tested has hit a brick wall for multiple different reasons...

  • I went to the dr a few weeks ago with abdominal pain, bad bloating and bad constipation. Mentioned all the other symptoms I had. Did lots of blood tests then. Diagnosed with hypo. I had my suspicions for a few years but unfortunately didn't do anything about it. Wish I had done something sooner, then I might not feel so bad now.

  • I have the same Achilles issues. Defo a Hypothyroid symptom

    The best thing I have found that helps me with symptomatic relief is 'performance socks', as they provide arch support continuously. I picked mine up from costco on a whim & they are now my favorite piece of clothing. lol

  • Thanks bob1kat, I have compression performance socks too. I will dig them out!

  • As an athlete it could be wear and tear but it could also be the hypo. Once on levo symptoms will start to go but It can take many months before all symptoms are much improved.

  • Thanks Treepie, Yeah I think the wear and tear is definitely a major part of it. I'm thinking that maybe hypo is the reason it hasn't responded to the usual physio treatment, exercises and rest from running. It should be getting better but it actually is getting worse. I have only been on levo for 2 weeks.

  • Tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome do appear to be associated with being hypo. You should be having a blood test every 6-8 weeks which will most likely lead to increases in Levo until the doc considers you "normal" which may not be optimal for you! The TSH should be about 1 or below.

  • I had major problems with pain in my Achilles for years, and I was anything but an athlete. I'm a runner now, but I only took it up 5 years ago and I've had the pain for 20+ Taking the right dose of levo was the answer for me, though a recent increase in levo brought the pain (and other symptoms) back and a reduction is only slowly making it go away. Hope it improves soon, I have a trail/mountain marathon round Coniston Water in 10 weeks, I really need to start training!

  • I changed from t4 to ndt and mine came back in one I do think meds are connected and the dosage..yet my dr won

  • Hi , I suffered also with Achilles problems , I am hyper , it got so bad that I couldn't walk very far for a month, it has got better on my meds , but still suffer with pain 😕

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