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Facial numbness

Merry Christmas

Having a bit of a miserable one if honest as face numbness and extreme tiredness. Have had a heavy cold and given antibiotics for an ear infection 4 days ago -doesn't seem to be clearing. Wondered if any one experienced worse hypothyroid symptoms following illness. Feel exhausted dizzy and numbness in face all over?? Quite distracting. Hope no one else feeling the same but would be interested if any one has had similar symptoms anytime???

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Merry Christmas,

I get facial numbness since being hypo. I started NDT earlier this year and the numbness went away but this last couple of weeks I have had it again. I have also had a bit of a virus so wondered if this has brought it back on.

I seem to remember a member asking a few days ago if more thyroid meds. should be taken when suffering with a cold or virus but I did not read the full post, just saw the title. If you put something like "do we need more meds when ill" in the search box top of page the post may come up.

I also read on another thyroid forum low blood sugar can cause numbness, so try to eat little and often.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi! I've had that for at least 6 weeks. Then clear for two days. And came back again. And is having a bad time with it also.

My gp advice was to take sudafed for two week maximum no more. It feels like a cold. And I've got a really bad cough with it. It's the sines problem. Its hitting a lot of people. And making them feel real bad.

Good luck.xx


Thanks sudafed did help last night!

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I have been hypo for over 40 years and during that time suffered from facial numbness which doctor put down to sinus problems. 4 years ago it progressed to trigeminal neuralgia which did not respond to any drugs my doctor gave me........2 years ago I discovered I had a b12 deficiency ( as many with hypo have) and had probably had it years.....within 2 weeks of treatment all pain had gone and now I only get a slight numbness when next injection is due which goes within a couple of days........

Maybe worth checking your b12 as there is so much misdiagnosis blaming thyroid doctors rarely look for anything else.


Thanks for reply, I inject weekly actually with B12 as was very very low 2 years ago. it went neurological before I found my b12 deficiency. I am 125 thyroxine which has gradually built up to that thus last year. Not really feeling much better on it as still get very tired - unnaturally so.

Wondering if this extra numbness in ear and right side of face is neuralgia type thing as not improving with antibiotics!

I may give myself my B12 a couple of days early though do take oral spray in between injections!

Wondering if would be better on armour thyroxine!

Thanks for your reply


I wonder if it is neuralgia too though not trigeminal neuralgia, that is a totally different kettle of horrible fish that brings you to your knees. Keep warm and rest as much as you can, some viruses can linger for up to 6 weeks. My best wishes to you.


Hi have been feeling the same, had a bad cold virus about a month ago and couldn't shift it had bad sinus and chest infection and still not feeling well, also numbness down left hand side of face, and feeling so tired, I think it is worse to shake things off with thyroid problems was thinking of increasing Levo but will wait as I need a blood test soon. Hope you start feeling better as it is really miserable, most people haven't got a clue how low you feel with this condition.


Thank you, sounds very similar! Exhausted! I am on 125 of levo but do give myself weekly injections of B12 and couldn't manage without it! Gp prescribed as found deficient 2 years ago with numbness all over!

Hope we both pick up soon!

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Yes, hope so too, great to have this forum 🙂


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