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numbness in face, fingers and toes

after I moved onto 50g Levothyroxine I developed numbness in my lips and this is slowly spreading. My doctor is treating it as an unrelated and separate symptom to the hypothyroidism and due to excess B12 in my system. They've done thorough checks for anything else that would cause it and have now decided it belongs in the 'we have no idea' category of symptoms. Is ther any possible connection between this numbness and either the hypothyroidism or Levothyroxine? I'm now on 75g per day and am still tired.

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Has your GP checked your calcium level? Numbness around the mouth and nose, and in fingers and toes is a classic sign of low calcium.


To Clutter, is there anyway one can tell if calcium is low apart from blood test? Do you know what are the signs apart from the numbness? Thanks



Blood test is required to tell calcium levels.

low calcium symptoms


Thanks for reply, had already googled and as usual have every symptom, prob. blood test needed!


thank you very much - I'll ask for the test


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