------- a thyroid problem is not just for christmass --------

I would like to make this post to remind everyone here that even in this , the festive season , the people that run & operate this invaluable site from lyn,louise charlotte AND the administrators and above all else the contributors / users actually do this 24hrs a day 365 days a year ----- to try to help US ---- and deserve our eternal thanks all the time , and will forever more have mine ....... I hope that many more will take the time to pass on their personal thanks to ALL OF THEM -- without whom where would you be ? .......... alan xxxxxxxxxx

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  • I second that Alan,

    Thank you for writing this meaningful post.

    I have no need to add anything to your words as you have said exactly what I'm feeling, and you've put it across so much better than I ever could have.

    J 🍀🙏

  • Well said Alan.We must all take a few minutes to let our admin and everyone else here know who how much we appreciate all that they do to help each and every one of us through out the year.

    A very Happy Christmas to you and yours Alan and let's all look forward to better times in 2017.

  • Well said and I completely concur...yes where would we all be without these wonderful people..still groping about in the darkness seeking help probably... MY thanks go to you and all those who have helped and continue to help us xx

  • Well said Alan, their dedication is much appreciated. xx

  • Oh Alan I endorse all you say. This forum had helped me so much .

    Not much understanding outside of this, it keeps me alive and sane.

    thankyou all so much. Xxxxx

  • Alan, I agree with everything that you said. We are so lucky to have such hard working and dedicated people giving of their time and knowledge on a daily basis. A BIG THANK YOU from me too. Happy Christmas to all. Anna

  • Merry Christmas everyone !! Big Big thank you to everyone who have taken the time to help each and everyone of us ,its the best gift ever , like my old mum used to say without your health you have very little ,:))) i feel sooooo! much better than when i first came on this brilliant site ,and all due to each and everyone of you your kindness and advice which has been priceless !!! love and hugs Sunny

  • Thank you for this reminder .

    Happy Christmas to all of you wonderful people.

    Very grateful for your support and time !!

    Love xxx

  • Alan Gardner

    Yes you are so right!!!! 😀 ... what a nice post.. the people who devote so much of their time to the Forum .... and the contributors are fantastic. Thank you to all of them and a Merry Christmas. They are giving a voice to people with thyroid issues and highlighting the need for change in the diagnosing and treatment for the Thyroid. Thank you again so much !!!!! Lv Jane big hugs xxxx 🌲🌲🌲🌲

  • alangardner* Well earned thanks to everyone I'm quite new to the site but have learned so much from the people hear and from the wonderful reference posts they share which help us to understand the technicalities

  • as a relative ''newbe'' to this OUR site , I have been using this for about 3ish years , I know you will find that the good people here will advise,direct, help, and empathise with you whenever you may need or indeed hope and pray for someone to understand what YOU are going through ......... not just '' technicalities '' but the knowledge ,understanding , of how to take control of YOUR own situation/problem and above all else EMPATHY AND UNDERSTANDING ...... those that have and do have these problems REALLY NEED THIS SUPPORT .......and this site needs all of our support at all times ........alan x

  • Totally agree. Thank you so much for all your help. I would stil be really ill if not for this site. Thank you and merry Christmas and all best wishes for the year ahead to all in this site

  • exactly my own thoughts poppppy , but for the good people from this site my lady would still be in the middle of that damn great tunnel without any light showing through

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