FT3 within upper end normal

FT3 within upper end normal

Hello there! Here's my lab test result taken last Dec. 20 this year. The endo said that I still need to take my Euthyrox 50mg and we'll need to see each other after 3 months. A month ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and nodular goiter. My FT3 that time was just below the normal range. My problem is I still have anxiety. 7 months ago I took anti-depressants, after 2 months I stopped taking AD (without doctor's advice) since it has more negative side effects to me and Im afraid I might become dependent on it.

My endo didnt request for any test like TSH, ferritin, vit d, folate etc. Im still depressed with anxiety. Any advices? Thank you

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  • Angelindisguise,

    One month taking Levothyroxine isn't likely to make much improvement to hypothyroid symptoms. It takes up to six weeks for the full impact of 50mcg dose to be felt and symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months. If the depression isn't related to hypothyroidism it may not resolve by taking thyroid replacement.

    It's unusual not to test TSH unless the patient has central hypothyroidism rather than primary hypothyroidism. FT4 and FT3 are the thyroid hormones and more important than TSH which is a pituitary hormone. FT4 is low in range but FT3 is top of range so you are optimally medicated on 50mcg.

    Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. If GP won't do them ask your endo.

  • Thank you for your response. The one Im seeing is Endo and not GP, yes he didnt test my TSH. And he didnt ask what I felt after taking levo for 1 month. The endo is so busy because he has so many patients. Within our area, there are only 2 endos available. The other one is a newbie :-(

    I dont have any personal problem to cause depression. If my ft3 and ft4 are ok, is it possible that my tsh is not? I dont know why Im still depressed :(

    After Christmas i will go to the lab and ask to test my ferritin, folate, vit D and vit b12.

  • Angelindisguise,

    FT4 and FT3 are okay so it doesn't matter what TSH level is. TSH doesn't make you *feel* anything at all. It is low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.

    If your depression was due to becoming hypothyroid it may take some time for it to resolve now your FT3 is good. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months.

  • Thank you. At least I just know that I need to wait for at least months to finally feel normal again. Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

  • Merry Christmas, Angelindisguise.

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