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Help with results - Adrenal analysis 9am


Does anyone know what these results mean from a Blue Horizons 9.30am adrenal blood test?

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid about 2 months ago and have been on 50mg Levo since. My TSH was previously 5 so it's reduced a little but not that much. These results are all at the top of the range, but is that a problem? Do other hypothyroid people get similar results?

Testosterone 1.7 (<1.8 nmol/L


DHEA-Sulphate 10.9 (0.26 - 11.0 umol/L


Cortisol (8-10am) 486.3 (133 - 537 nmol/L


Thyroid Function

TSH 3.49 (0.27 - 4.20 mIU/L


Free T4 15.98 (12 - 22 pmol/L


Thank you all xx


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I would concentrate on your thyroid results first as if you get that right the other things may well follow. You really need a dose increase. Your TSH is still high and your FT4 very low. The minimum it should be is at least 50% in the range so that would be around 17 and most feel better if they have a reading in the top third or even in the top quarter so getting up to 30 would be better.

There is loads of info on the Thyroid UK site which I'm sure you will find useful as it's important to be taking the meds properly and there are some other does and don'ts. It's all a bit daunting at first but shout out if anything you don't understand but you do need a higher dose from your readings. You GP may not realise that it's where in the range that is important.


Your cortisol levels at base line level are quite high, I had a test done recently by base line cortisol was 37 ! I'm not saying it's not AI or Addisons but it seems stable but it's the second and third test from a short synacthen test which will give you the results for AI.

Saying that when mine were not that bad previously they were 326 ! But they hardly moved once I had the acth injection !

Moved to 404 and then 436 !

As silver fox says concern trade on thyroid and if your still worried about AI ask for a short synacthen test ! Then you will know for sure !

Also you can get your eyes checked for field of vision just to eliminate secondary AI !

Good luck and hope your feeling better soon


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