Need Doctors who believe and can recommend Natural Thyroid Meds

Hi everyone,

It's great to be here.

I have been suffering from Hypothyroidim for a while and I need to see an integrative doctor who can possibly prescibe natural meds, rather than levothyroxine which is not realy working for me.

I see that Clarebear has has a GP and endo who fall in this category. I will love to contact them.

Do you mind sharing pleaseClarebear ?

Thank You,


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  • You can send a private message to clarebear as she may not see your post.

    Any other members who have information will send you a Private Message in accordance with guideline No.23.

  • Thank you veru much.

    Sorry to be a bother but how do I send a private message ?



  • You click on the Person's name. You can experiment with mine and a new page will open and on the r/hand side you will see message. Click on this and it remains private between you and the other person.

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