Ferritin supplements help please

Hi since 2006 I have had low ferritin at 15 (15 - 150) but GP says because it is creeping along the bottom and going between 15 and 23 I don't need supplements. Please can anyone advise if I need to take anything? Everything else in the complete blood counts come back normal except MCV which at the last reading is 81.3 (83.0 - 98.0) My periods are also long, heavy and irregular. Am a bit stuck.

Thank you

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  • Donna31 Your ferritin level is so low I imagine you need iron infusions. Ask your GP if you can have iron injections or at the very least an iron supplement, also request a full iron panel. We can suggest supplements but I am loath to do so when ferritin is so dreadfully low in case it is masking something else.

    Ferritin needs to be at least 70 for thyroid hormone to work, it's generally suggested it should be half way through it's range, and I've seen it said it should be 100-130 for females.

  • You definitely need to increase your ferritin.

    I was told by an Endo that iron injections aren't administered anymore and I needed an iron infusion. My ferritin was about 19 and as it was still within range my GP refused it so I ended up having one privately last month. I felt a lot warmer afterwards, my basal temperature increased and I feel less thirsty. I was always desperately thirsty. I'm not sure if it's improved my energy levels. My periods have been long and heavy for many, many years.

    I need to get ferritin tested again to see exactly how much it has improved.

  • I have exactly the same problem as you. My ferritin last January was 20 in a range beginning at 20. Doctor said as it was still within range there is nothing she can do. I took an iron supplement for six months, retested and it was 22 (same range). I took iron supplement for a further six months and it had gone down to 20 again.

  • Hi Donna

    My ferritin like yours creeps along betwee 10 and 15. I wrote to her about the need for ferritin to be towards top of range for thyroxine to be effective and am now prescribed ferrous fumarate and feel much, much better. Do you think writing would work for you?

  • thyr0id,

    Ferritin is optimal >100 through to halfway in range.

  • Thanks Clutter, this came to me but was it meant for Donna?

  • Sorry Clutter, just realised you are telling me this because I've written 'towards the top of the range' and you are correcting that. Thanks

  • Hello again Donna, just realised I wrote in my email to you about ferritin levels 'I wrote to her' without explaining that 'her' was my GP and that's what resulted in her prescribing ferrous fumarate.

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