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B12/folate supplements

Hey guys, just a quicky. Anyone have any advice on getting the above supplements (dose, etc) and maybe which ones from amazon available on prime. I need to get all my levels up on these asap as I want to see if I can increase my levels even if just a tiny amount in the b12 before my next appointment and bood test at the end of the month to see whether I'm absorbing them or whether I need to look further into why but have no idea which ones to buy and want to get them to start tomorrow.

Many thanks


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Saggyuk If your B12/absorption is being looked into, would it not be better to wait before supplementing? Once you start supplementing then further tests are pretty useless so investigations should be done first. Are you being tested for Pernicious Anaemia?

The supplements usually free recommended are Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges. It needs to be sublingual, dissolves under the tongue to get directly into the bloodstream, tablets aren't recommended as stomach acid destroys the B12. Dose will depend on your current level, if quite low 5000mcg daily, or 1000mcg daily as more of a maintenance dose.

When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance the B vitamins. The better ones contain methylfolate rather than folic acid.


It's not being looked into directly but I have afew problems that aren't what I normally have and I can't seem to shift it up. I had problems with levels on everything before giving up gluten but now things have started working again apart from this which keeps getting lower. However, my folate has increased a little bit very slowly so I'm wanting to try and get the B12 up too. I'm already on iron replacement for aneamia

Hmm, I see what you mean. Would it still be the case if you had a normal pill one you swallow as surely my results wouldn't really increase if I had problems absorbing it through my stomach?

Level is currently 321 and folate 8.5.

I'm normally more patient but am struggling a little and need some energy for christmas lol!!

THanks for the tips on which types though :o)


My understanding, and the way members here recommend, is that B12 needs to be taken sublingually - see

and scroll down to "Why 99% of vitamin B-12 supplements are wasted" for information about which way to take it:

"There are really only three methods for absorbing vitamin B-12 that reliably work:

#1) B-12 injections.

#2) Sublingual absorption.

#3) Skin absorption."


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