Confused about B12 and folate supplements

I have started supplementing B12 Sublingual 1000mcgs. What I need to know is do I need folate aswel and what type? Having been supplementing for about 4 weeks and feeling a lot better, since yester I have been having serious muscle pain in my thighs and also weakness and fatigue. I also been reading that potassium levels can drop when supplementing B12.

My results

b12 250 (range 196-660)

Folate 7.6 (range 4.8-18)

Any ideas?

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  • Yes true, b12 is better taken with some other stuff i forgot which one exacrly,but there are 3 types of b12, i hope u are taking methylcobalamine?... there is hydroxycobalamine, and one more which is supposedly the best, read from dr lynch, on methilation, he is the best on b12 and folate supplements

    Basically if you supplement with folic acid! You can do more harm then good, must be methylfolate form...or just greeny fresh leafy vegetables!!:-)

  • Hi ivy, yes its methyl I am taking. Since posting this I have eaten 2 bananas and the thigh pain has decreased slightly which makes me think its a low potassium problem or maybe just coincidental...!!

  • It could well be!! I forgot but i know b12 and folate go together it more very interesting:-) did you develop such low b12? Low stomach acid? Try betaine hcl pepsine supplement for that.....

  • Ivy my doc will not give injections as its in range very frustrating. Not sure why its so low and im sure I wont find out because my doc is an ass and sticks rigetly to ranges. Thank you I will look into the pepsin think I read about it somewhere else.

  • All starts in your stomach....

    Unfortunately I started supplementing before a proper active B12 result - always had 'trapped' nerve issues, 'pins n needles' dropping things etc.

    I now regret this as the problem won't ever be sorted if taking supplements - please get thorough testing before supplementing as it's possible it may be worse than mere 'low'.

    Hampster is the expert in this field (PA). J :D

    oh & eat lever & onions (if you can).

  • btw i read that suppelementing it oraly, is better then injections.......i drink milk, you have b12 in milk, bring it this low it takes 5 years of messing up with food, everyone with lowb12 should be checked for that autoimune anemia, pernicious anemia?......then supplementing b12 will be your lifelong task....and people say taking oraly does the trick

  • It may take a little while to bring your B12 level up which should make a difference.

    This is a list of vitamins/minerals just for your information

  • Hi Annette, yes take Folate with your B12 as opposed to Folic Acid.

  • Annette, supplementing B12 may have decreased your folate so look for methylfolate to supplement. Folic acid sorted out my folate deficiency but methylfolate is superior.

  • Thanks clutter hopefully the methylfolate sorts it out. As my doc thinks everything is in range and I will not be having followup tests, do you think I should always supplement with both long term, or just a few mths. ?

  • I don't know whether continual supplementation is desirable or necessary, Annette. I think it's hard to tell unless one knows why the deficiency occurred in the first place. Some don't absorb nutrients and others absorb but can't hold onto the nutrients absorbed.

    You won't OD on B12 supplements as excess is excreted. It is necessary to stop B12 supplementation 4 months prior to testing as it takes this long for red blood cells to replace. Some labs decline requests to test more frequently than every 6 months.

  • Hi Anette,

    I would not use folic acid ( it is artificial) - please try an L-methylfolate ( the L is important as this shows the type of isomer it is) - I use Drs best but there are many types about.

    I would also suggest easting a banana a day to ensure you have enough potassium as this can decrease when taking B12 supplements.

    I am assuming you are suffering from a thyroid condition as well ( as this is posted int he thyroid forum rather than the B12 forum) - so do check you have enough magnesium and seleium in your diet as well (nuts / green leafy veg or if using suppliments, make sure it is NOT magnesium oxide as this is so hard to absorb you might as well not bother, I use chelated magnesium and magnesium l-threonate, but magnesium citrate also works well for others)

    Big Hugs,


  • Thanks for replying. Yes I am going to order some folate tomorrow from amazon. Yes I have hashimotos. I eat a banana every day and also take 200mgs of mag citrate. I try to eat a well balanced diet but it obviously isnt enough. X

  • I know how you feel - such a lovely diet and yet for one reason or another the nutrients just do not get through from food.

    I hope you find something that helps.



    This is from the link I posted on your earlier thread.... hope it is helpful.... :-)

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