Is this going in the right direction - results

Still new to all this and wondering if my latest bloods are an improvement from the last ones which are as follows:

T4 was 14 and is now 15 (10-25)

TSH was 1.54 and is now 1.27 (0.55-4.78)

On 50mcg Thyroxine per day, antibodies were positive.

Don't feel too bad just now but wondering if there is scope for an increase?

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  • Probably, but without knowing what your free T3 is, any advice is just guesswork. Your T4 and TSH are marginally better than before, but who knows. An increase of 25mcg is unlikely to send you over the top and might help.

  • Thanks Ruthi doctor refused T3 said the labs won't do it don't know why but took her word for it.

  • It's expensive and they don't understand the importance, that's why. :(

  • The labs won't do it (who is the doctor here?) because your figures are 'normal' - modern medicine cares little how we feel!

    In your situation I would raise the dose to see how you feel. And then maybe test privately if that doesn't resolve everything. Your FT4 is right at the bottom of the range, so there is plenty of room for an increase without going over.

  • Thanks Ruthi - so the higher the T4 is to 25 the better I am likely to feel?

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