How to reduce NDT

Hi all,

thanks to some great advice on here, I started self medicating with NDT in September and have gradually increased the dose. It had made a little difference to tiredness (dropped 2 naps a week!) and aches and pains, but arriving at 3* grains a day, it seems to have uncovered some adrenal issues. My heart rate is 80-90 at rest (used to be 55-65) and I have a constant feeling of dread, like the sinking feeling you get when you find out something awful has happened. Tiredness and aches are back, but no worse than before.

Obviously I need to reduce and get cortisol re-tested, but what's the best way to do it? Stop NDT for a few days until the dread goes away, or just drop down a couple of steps. I dropped to 2.5 at the weekend, but it hasn't made any difference. Go for 2? 1.5? Stay at the lower dose or attempt to raise again, more slowly?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

*mea culpa, greygoose advised staying at 2 grains for 6 weeks and re-testing, but I listened to people on Facebook who said it should be 3. Sorry GG.

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  • We nearly all learn the hard way.

    This may not be anything to do with adrenals, you may simply be over-medicated.

    I'm not sure what the official advice is, but when I was trying to work out my dose and accidentally went over I stopped for a couple of days, till I could feel the tiredness coming back and then went back to about half the dose and worked up again. So in your case that would probably mean 2 a day. The main immediate effect from NDT comes from the T3 which leaves the body fairly quickly. T4 is used up very slowly, and a couple of days missed will make little difference. Give it at least a month to let your body get used to it, and then raise by a quarter tablet every six weeks.

  • Linesandlines,

    I would go back to 2 grains for 6 weeks and then test thyroid levels. If you skip a dose or two it will speed up clearing the higher dose.

  • Thanks Ruthi & Clutter.

  • Think I was told to leave for 10 days then drop down to 2 then move up slowly in Quarters then rest when feeling good butvon no account go back to 3

  • Thanks silverfox7 10 days seems like a long time. Did that work well for you?

  • Yes I did start back after 9 days as something went wrong the the water tank and had water coming through the ceiling! Thought it might help with the stress when that happened at it was 9 on a Suturday night! But yes to worked well. It I don't work so could afford to take it easy.

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