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Hi, here are the only results I could get from my doctor. I started levothyroxin in July 2012 and I am on 125mcg daily. The last blood test I had was a couple of months ago. I am also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and severe peri menopausal symptoms. I have fatigue all the time but just before and during my period I can't even walk very far due to the exhaustion. It is wrecking my life no end! If I don't get help soon I will lose my job. I have all sorts of symptoms but the fatigue and muscle weakness is the worst. Thank you in advance for any comments and opinions x

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Not a particularly helpful letter really is it Hidden ?

I'm wondering what your GP did about your below range ferritin in 2015. And is the 'iron' that was tested in 2006, result 10, also ferritin or serum iron? He hasn't given the range for FT4 so even though it's normal you don't know if it's low in range.

Why not just get a Blue Horizon test done and find out for yourself. The Thyroid Plus Eleven does everything thyroid wise plus all important vitamins and minerals. Post your results and members will help.

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I'm going to, I will then show the GP's both reports!


Good plan to get a private rest as you really need to know what FT3 is tonwotknout what is happening.


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