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high antibodies and LDN

Hi I am new to this site and am the mother of a daughter with hashimotos disease so hope its ok to post. My daughter has been suffering with thyroid symptoms for a few years. She was told to take 50mg of thyroxine a day but this sent her into anxiety and rage so she stopped taking it. Gp's were not very helpful and did not advise her how best to take care of herself. Just recently she had bloods tests and discovered her thyroid anti bodies count is >1000. We have done some research and found other people with high anti bodies also suffer with high anxiety and rage but no-one can tell us how to treat it. I found a site that suggested taking low dose naltrexone and wondered if anyone else has heard of this please?

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Hello and welcome, Keltriffic.

Do you have any blood test results for your daughter you could share with the forum? We would need to see the ranges too, which are the figures in brackets after the results. It's much easier to advise if we know results and a bit of background. How old is your daughter? How is she coping with day-to-day living?

I take LDN, which is usually prescribed privately in the UK, though there is no absolute bar on NHS prescription. It's a very safe treatment, but the efficacy varies a good deal from person to person. I take it for the pain and inflammation of early RA. It's worked very well for me, but I don't yet know the effect on my Hashi's abs, because I haven't tested them for a while. Others on the forum have found LDN very effective at reducing antibodies, and hopefully they'll be along to comment.


Not sure if my daughter has the results but will check with her and post them if she has. She is 34 years old and is not coping too well at the moment. We noticed if she took thyroxine her rage and anxiety went through the roof so she's not taken it for a long while ad was advised by her specialist not to take any just yet. She sees the specialist next week and I wondered whether to suggest LDN to her, I wasn't sure if it was a proper medication or just something posted on the internet so am so glad you responded to my plea, thank you


It may be that your daughter's low dose of levothyroxine might have been the reason for her rage etc. I am not medically qualified but this is a link I've read:

Hashimoto's is treated the same as hypothyroidism but we need a decent dose of hormones. Some doctors are intent on keeping the TSH within range when we actually need it around 1 or lower.

Going gluten-free can reduce antibodies.

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Thank you for your response. My daughter cannot tolerate thyroxine at all it sends her into rage so she's not taken it for a long while. She has noticed she can only tolerate certain levels of thyroxine but never knows where she is in terms of levels. Her tests came back as 'normal' except the antibodies which were exceptionally high so wondered if LDN would help. She is seeing her specialist next week and I think it may be worth discussing it with her. Her quality of life is greatly impaired so we are looking for anything that may help


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