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Pfizer fined £90 million for overcharging for meds

Pfizer have been fined because they overcharged NHS for anti epileptic drug! It was on breakfast news. I think the figures were £2.80 per pack increased to ?£68 per pack. Wonder what the fine will be if they ever get round to dealing with the thieves who overcharge NHS for T3 prescription drug. Lets hope it happens soon. It's alarming to read on here how many people are having thier T3 taken off them for cost and are being condemend to a life of poor health.

I suppose it's crazy to hope that any drugs company that overcharges will be made to reimburse NHS! Wonder where the £90 million will go? back to treasury coffers or back to NHS? silly question! Rant over!

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poor MPs

someone got to pay for travel.

2nd homes.

2 official cars

massive wages. you say charges for meds is horrendous.

is anything /can anything change.

I get free levo but for those who have to pay.its not good.

take care guys

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I just read this and am hoping Concordia International [Mercury Pharma] will be next for price hiking Liothyronine from £10 to ~£258 (June 2016) per 28 tablets in 6 months!


I blxxdy hope so!!!

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It is long overdue for the authorities to investigate the astronomical cost of such a cheap hormone to produce i.e. liothyronine. I believe it is due to the Pharmaceutical Companies' promotion of levothyroxine and untruths about NDT that led the world to levo only beng prescribed. Doctors worldwide lost licences for their humane prescribing which they'd done for years before the intro of levothyroxine and the guidelines.

The authorities appear 'happy' to withdraw what is a life-giving hormone for quite a few patients and new Scientific Evidence by a team who have proved that some people do need the addition of T3 to T4. No excuses needed now.

Once again - will scientific evidence be ignored in favour of the patients remaining unwell. - most probably. What about distraught patients - we are not all demanding a 'fashionable' medication - for us it is life-giving and being able to go about as a normal healthy person. Also some have a faulty gene which means they cannot convert to the life-giving T3.

It appears that the Associations are so happy that the cost of T3 has risen astronomically and, finally, have the reason to withdraw it.

There is utterly no regard to the patients who are forced to source from other than the NHS and from the local chemist. Not everyone has the facilities to source privately particularly if so unwell they're unable to function daily. We don't need personal experience ourselves in order to turn others' lives around.

I always thought that the medical profession was a 'vocational' one - of assisting and helping people to get well. What's happened????

It makes me wonder how some, supposed to be educated people, dealing with ill-health caused by our bodies not producing the essential hormones who 'insist' one particular replacement hormone is adequate to another when complaints of being worse are completely ignored and it's a case of 'like it or lump it'. That's not the case as we know fully by our own personal experiences.

Why deny people of having a worthwhile, healthy, lifestyle on alternatives?

My solution is that let's be able to buy any thyroid hormones we desire over-the counter with no need of prescriptions. If we feel well a yearly check-up is all we require - no monies from the NHS required for umpteen blood tests and 'extras' for the remaining clinical symptoms.

Our members arent on this forum because they are having a lively, happy, healthy lifestyle. It's because they aren't well on levothyroxine or aren't being prescribed sufficient.


Well said shaws. I'm sure you speak for many of us.


You may care to read the Guardian's article on this subject:

Already 12 pages (each a long list) of comments.

Marsden added: “The companies deliberately exploited the opportunity offered by debranding to hike up the price for a drug which is relied upon by many thousands of patients. These extraordinary price rises have cost the NHS and the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds.

“This is the highest fine the CMA has imposed and it sends out a clear message to the sector that we are determined to crack down on such behaviour and to protect customers.”


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