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I'm about at my wits end with these cramps lower legs, can't even cross feet or legs immediately the muscle cramps and quivers taking levothyroxine 125mg Vitamin D 4000u mag oil spray to legs before bed..I wanna cry. On the levothyroxine dose 125 before was hyper now feel low cold, gaining weight. .I wanna give up 1.5 years been struggling. Tried cytomel do everything doctor says good note feel better on generics than actual synthroid

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I wrote a long post about the things that helped me with muscle cramps, spasms and twitching here :

I hope it helps you too.

I see from your profile that you live in the US. You really need to get your iron levels tested and get a complete blood count.

Your doctor may have done these tests for you recently, or may do them if you ask. You would need to get copies of the blood test results and also the reference ranges. Don't be fobbed off with "your results are okay/fine/normal", you need to get copies for your own records.

If you can't get the tests done there are labs in the US that will do blood testing without a doctor being involved. See the labs referred to part way down this page :

Once you have some results you should post them in a new post and ask for feedback.

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Hi I hadthese also, and I started taking magnesium glycinate high dose supplements, one just before bed, and the pains and ache's have all gone now 😊😊


Hi I had the same problem while on levo. It took me two yeard fight to go on t3 which has helped.


Hey - have you had a potassium level checked? Try eating 2 bananas & drinking a glass of coconut water a day - really up the potassium rich foods in your daily diet (avocado, tomatoes etc). Might be that!


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