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Adrenals & pituitary gland

Adrenals & pituitary gland

Hi guys,

I'm on 2,5 grain NDT for 2 months and I feel ok, but still have some strange symptoms and my blood test result is kinda strange too. TSH is 0,26, ft4 22% but ft3 is 148%. I'm trying to work it out and I decided I will have to check my adrenals and pituitary gland. I want to know what blood test I need for that and do I do this in my gp or rather in hospital (from what I've read I need few saliva collections during the day)? Thanks.


I've seen endo today, I attached a photo of what she want's me to do.

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If you post your thyroid results and ranges rather than the percentages through range members may be able to help.

NHS will do a cortisol blood test to check cortisol levels. If you want saliva cortisol testing you will have to order it privately. GP can order a pituitary function test if pituitary dysfunction is suspected. I expect it can be ordered privately but I don't know where from.


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