Pituitary gland tumour

I have been on thyroxine for 15 years but after finsishing chemo for ovarian cancer 17 months ago, my TSH is 28 (way off the scale)

However, my t4 is only 15-just right.

Anyone else with this? Doc wants to investigate whether there is a tumour on pituitary (rarely male gnant) but I am reluctant after all I have been through

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  • Sherrym,

    Was your TSH and FT4 okay while you were having chemo?

  • No, all over the place. I fin chemo in December 2015

  • Sherrym,

    I think it's unlikely your there is anything wrong with your pituitary gland but your GP can order a pituitary function blood test to check and a MRI to see whether there is a pituitary tumour. It's more than likely that your thyroid has failed and you just need more thyroxine.

  • Will try & see him later this week. Thanks people

  • Who said that 15 is 'just right' for FT4? And why would it be? What's the range?

    I think your doctor would do better testing your FT3, first, rather than your pituitary. It could be very low, which would cause the TSH to be high.

  • So, ask him to test T3? Will talk to him again

  • Just asking him probably won't get you very far. You need to explain to him why it needs testing. Doctors have little understanding of T3. Suggest that your TSH may be high because your FT3 may be low, you may have a conversion problem - it happens - and that you think it would be a good idea to test your FT3, just to rule that possibility out. Doctors don't like testing things to find the actual problem, they prefer to test things to rule them out. lol

  • Haha! Yeah. Will try anyhow

  • FT4 range is 10-25 and i am always on btm or below. Always had trouble with GP but now getting appointment with Endo Centre of Excellence (after decades of complaining and being ignored) Not unusual on here! AND ranges vary with different Area Laboratories

  • It doesn't matter that ranges vary with different laboratories. You should always interpret the result according to the range used by the laboratory where the test was done. It won't make any difference to the percent of your result - 50 % through the range will always be 50 % through the range, no matter what the range.

  • No, all over the place

  • You may do well to phone helpline @ Pituitary Foundation - who are amazingly helpful, and there is a Nurse on 2 days also. Mine of info, l have joined as l believe pituitary or adrenals are involved in my always low figure and being over-tired for decades

  • Thank you. May do after scan

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