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Please call someone tell me what it is? Endo had suggested GP starts me on a 5mg dose because he thinks I have subcliniical hyper my recent bloods were ferritin 432 (10-200)

TSH level 0.07 (0.30-4 3)

FreeT4 16.1 (9.00-19.00)

I also have raised antibody s they agree I have hashimotos

Thanks in advance!

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Carbimazole is an anti-thyroid drug. It's prescribed to people with hyperthyroidism/Graves. If you have Hashi's, it is not what you should be taking, because, even if your FT3 is high - and you haven't even had that done - you won't be 'hyper' in the true sense of the word. Your thyroid will not be over-producing hormone and needing to be calmed down.

What happens with Hashi's is that, after an attack, the damaged cells dump their hormone into the blood, making your levels temporarily high. It won't last. And, when your levels go down, you will be even more hypo than you were before, because you will have even less gland. The last thing you want is a drug that suppressed your glands capacity to make hormone.

But, your endo is only looking at your TSH, and assuming that a low TSH means hyper. It doesn't necessarily. What makes you hyper is a high - over-range - level of FT3, and he hasn't tested that, so he has no idea what your thyroid status really is. Your FT4 isn't even at the top of the range. So, it's rather unlikely that your FT3 will be over-range. He's talking out of the back of his hat, and putting your health at risk. That's the way I see it, anyway. If were you, I would refuse to take the carbimazole unless your FT3 proves to be over-range, and you have Graves antibodies - I bet he hasn't even tested those!


Hi grey goose thank you (yet again) for a brilliant informative reply Dr did test FT3 last month which was 16.2 (9-19) so yes your correct not over range.

Peroxide antibodies in Sept 269 <60. Just a tad over range lol so don't think there's any doubt for hashimotos?

I do have hyper and hypo symptoms which is what is confusing me but I understand more now due to your explanation, I am concerned that I am getting palpitations at night and my BP is higher than normal for me but not over range (my husband ministers his and does mine at same time)

I've gone G/F drinking the flowers of Scotland T going mostly organic and just seen a nutritionist (his done a lot of functional courses but not qualified) he thinks I have small intestine infection so have to see how that goes it would fit as I've had leaky gut

Is there anything else that I've missed/not doing?

Many thanks again it is just so helpful and inspiring to read posts on hear

Best wishes


No, there's no doubt about the Hashi's. And Hashi's people often have hypo and hyper symptoms at the same time. But, as the gland is being slowly destroyed, there is no way you can 'go hyper' in the true sense of the word.

What's more, you need your TSH suppressed, to limit antibody activity. But it doesn't look like this endo will allow that without having a hissy fit, and half a dozen kittens! But, do your best. :)

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I don't think that's a likely range for FT3 (tends to be 3.2 -6.6 or somethign like that) - I suspect they tested only FT4.

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That's correct. I didn't notice that. :)


Thanks for reply what drug would suppress TSH? I'll .stand up to Endo it's my body


You don't take drugs to suppress TSH, you take a decent dose of thyroid hormone replacement. The point is, you need a dose high enough to suppress your TSH, and doctors are very reluctant to prescribe that much hormone.


You really need to cut through the confusion and find out for certain what your TSH,

Free T4 and Free T3 are. You could do this privately with a finger-prick test for £39 :


It isn't clear whether your endo has done a Free T3 test or not. Before going on to carbimazole it is vitally important to be absolutely certain that you need it.

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