Latest fT3 result

Just had my latest fT3 bloods back: 6.1 (3.5-6.5). I currently take 28.75 mcg T3 and 150 mcg T4.

I feel okay on this dose, but still tired and gaining weight disproportionate to food intake. Heart rate sometimes a bit fast, sometimes normal. Sometimes get hot flushes, but only very occasionally. Could also be menopause-related.

Does the panel consider, in their non-medical opinion, that this dose is the correct one?

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  • Hose1975,

    FT3 6.1 is optimally medicated. Was FT4 in range?

  • Whilst I don't know the exact number, all results came back as 'normal', and it's not been above 15 or so recently.

  • Hose1975,

    If it is within range you aren't over medicated. Perhaps the fast heart and flushes are menopause related. Your GP can do a blood test to see whether you are menopausal.

  • Cheers, Clutter.

  • It's my understanding that bloods should be a guide, and that its bloods + symptoms or lack there of that tell us if we are optimal. Though its not always easy to know what to attribute symptoms to. I feel better if my t3 is in the upper/over range and I don't have any hyper symptoms when it is. Though according to the endo "I was killing myself". I just don't believe that to be true at all. (in my non medical opinion)

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