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Hi some bloods were take and my ferritin was over range, I'd had a really bad cold and Dr thought this maybe why endo asked for different bloods to be done after Dr had consulted him about my results (NOT cause docs confused!!) So redid ferritin at same time

3rd Nov 557.9 (10-200)

24th Nov 432.2

So a drop of 124.7 in 21 days.

Has anybody had experience in a drop in ferritin? Could my cold going be responsible? I have also started on Scottish flower tea (advice from here) for antibodies Hashimotos

As always thank you to all who take time to response

Best wishes

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What is Scottish flower tea? I've googled it but can't find anything.

It could have been inflammation caused by your cold, that made your ferritin rise. Therefore, when the cold went, and the inflammation level dropped, the ferritin could have also dropped. But, it still seems high, to me, without the range. Didn't they do any other tests relating to inflammation and/or high ferritin?


Hi grey goose

Scottish sorry flowers of scotland it's nice has nettles lemon balm rose juniper marigolds blue cornflower sage Hawthorne Heather and rosehips it tastes nice when I did a post of food for thyroid health and hashimotos somebody recommended it, I have a milk intolerance so drink green and other fruit/herbal teas anyway so added this in

Ferreting range is 10-200 yes it is still well over but hopefully will keep coming down I'm unsure if its the tea/cokd going or with supplements I'm on making the difference I wondered if any body else had experience or advice. Endocrinologist asked Dr to do bloods which is why he redid ferrittn we know I have hashimotos and now waiting to see what endocrinologist says to do as always opinions are different!!

Best wishes


Interesting. Do you feel the tea has helped in anyway? I doubt it had anything to do with your ferritin dropping - unless it reduces inflammation - but do you think it really helps with antibodies?

I've never heard any suggestions for reducing ferritin, except reducing inflammation or giving blood.

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Well I have/do drink nettle tea as it is a ckeansing/diaratic I'm unsure if the tea will help but prepared to give it a go especially as it's all natural ingredients and mother nature is wonderful (in my opionion) I'm unsure how to get into my old posts to look up who suggested it I'm sure they also said hemp as well but then somebody Saud wasn't that.gouter, I do grind seeds and added it in doesn't seem to have any adverse effects

Lol on blood not sure they'd want mind!!

All the best


To get into your old posts, click on your name at the top of the page. On the drop-down menu, click on 'profile' and you'll see all your old posts and replies. :)


Ok thanks will do but yes Said. antibodies dropped only time will tell when have more bloods done (probably not for a few months now) but will do an update on ferrettin and antibodies

Kind regards

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