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Aortic valve regurgitation

My two week heart monitor showed benign occasional extra beats said my doctor. She recommended an echocardiogram that was normal and mild aortic insufficiency. She said this is a minor finding that is not causing any problems and they will monitor it over the years to make sure it doesn't get worse. She recommends next echocardiogram in three years. Well, now I think every symptom I feel is related to my leaky valve. I've been feeling anxiety on and off. Is it all anxiety , menopause or leaky heart valve or combination of everything? Im also feeling body vibrations too. Any feedback would be appreciated .

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Hi Sunshine54321,

This is a thyroid forum so it's unlikely you will get any helpful replies about aortic valve regurgitation.

If you have a thyroid problem we are more than happy to advise if you post your recent thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results).


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