High Blood Pressure

I've had very high blood pressure for the last month. 136/104, 141/100 latest readings. I'm on T4 meds only Levothyroxine 75mg and 50mg alternate days. I'm optimally medicated according to my last two blood results. I'm seeing my Endo on Wednesday so I will talk to him about it.

Do you think having Hypo is causing my rise in blood pressure and is this common?

Thanks 👍😄

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  • Hypertension is common in hypothyroid patients.

    When you say that you are optimally medicated, does that mean that you feel fine and have no remaining hypo symptoms, or that your TSH is in range?

    Do you have any lab results you could post here?

  • Hi

    My latest blood results

    TSH 0.087 (0.4 - 4.0)

    T3 4.05 (1.8 - 4.2)

    T4 1.68 (0.8 - 1.9)

    I'm presently having B12 and Iron Infusions.

    I'm taking 75mg & 50mg Levothyroxine alternate days

    Thanks 👍

  • How do you feel? Your labs look fine, especially your FT3 levels (FT3 is the active thyroid hormone). Your T4 dose is pretty low, but your labs do seem optimal.

    If you feel fine, don't let any doctor convince you to lower your current dose simply because your TSH is low.

  • Hi Helen

    I had high blood pressure when I was diagnosed hypo recently. Was on medication which needed to be increased. Xx

  • Thanks all for your replies I'm seeing my Endo on Wednesday, will talk to him about my high blood pressure. Thanks 👍😄💗

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