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Thyrotoxic diagnosis ?

I saw the Endo five weeks ago . I told him I was self medicating WP thyroid and as a little white lie 25 m of Levo to keep the GP happy ? He was quite amenable to this and said he has some patients who do this but said he couldn't prescribe it .

He sent me for bloods the results of which I have just chased up . T 4 is 19 (9 -23 )

T 3 is 10.6 (3..5-6.5 ) with thyrotoxic printed underneath .

WBC is 13 (4-11 )

abs Neutrophils 10.2 (1.7-7.5 )

abs Monocytes 1.0 ( 0.2-0.8 )

I am on 3 grains of WP and realize I Wii have to drop some .

Can you comment on these results please .

Thank you PP

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Did you take NDT before your blood test?


I had Clutter , early that morning because I wasn't expecting a blood test . I didn't think of that .

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You're probably not over medicated, it's likely the T3 peaking in your blood. I wouldn't reduce dose until you have another FT3 test to confirm levels. will explain high and low evaluations in WBC.


Thanks as usual Clutter .


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