TSH 2001

I asked for my results from when I was first diagnosed. This is what the nurse gave me. Tsh GT 150 (0.4-4.0). Free T 6.0 (9.0-20.0). Sept 2001 TSH 49.48 (0.4-4.0). Free T 11.9 (9.0-20.0). Oct 2001

Went to see an endo 4 yrs ago and because he only had my results from 2002 he said it was probably post natal depression. This is what we're up against im so angry 😡

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  • Blimey. Since when were endo's experts in post natal issues?

  • Exactly. He just wasn't interested

  • I looked at your previous posts. How's the T3 working out for you? What are you taking now? Do you feel better?

    I guess if you can get the energy up to be angry, you must be feeling at least somewhat better.

    They've really got us don't they? When we are hypo we can't even fight for ourselves. We are so vulnerable when we have zero energy, brain fog, body pain. (won't use any swear words but you can figure out what I'd like to write.)

  • Hi, I take 25 t3 in the morning 100 mcg thyroxine at night. Went to the docs to get bloods done today as I've been feeling anxious and irrational . Think my meds are out. Not sure how to say that I've been taking t3

  • I tried taking 25 mcg T3 for ONE DAY. That was quite the trip not to be repeated. uh uh. Maybe you will have no choice but to 'fess up. But it's not out of this world to need a bit of T3 on top of the T4 dose you are prescribed. Maybe 25 mcg T3 is just too much.

  • I used to take 150 thyroxine. Should I have cut it back more? X

  • Audb, I misread your title and thought it said your TSH was 2001 :0 Fancy an endo diagnosing post natal depression. I though diabetes was their speciality.

  • He made me feel so small. why do they want us to believe it's not the thyroid x

  • Audb, I think they really don't understand the impact thyroid has on the body when it is awry or the impact of autoimmune antibodies. Good biochemistry means they think symptoms must be non-thyroidal and not enough thought is given to individual responses that don't respond well to biochemical ranges and medications that suit a large amount of the population.

    Sometimes symptoms are due to non-thyroidal issues ie low vitamins and minerals that may be caused by altered metabolism caused by hypo and hyper thyroidism. These aren't tested as a matter of course even though correcting deficiencies can improve general wellbeing and thyroid conversion of T4 to T3.

  • Well, in some ways he was probably right: you'd have rock bottom T3, which causes depression (among other things) and you'd given birth ... so, post-natal depression CAUSED BY a knackered thyroid.

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