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T3 Woes

Hi All,

Looking for some help.

Could anyone PM details of an online pharmacy where I could obtain T3 (without prescription).

I'm struggling with Hashimotos, current symptoms are exhaustion, brain fog and anxiety. Currently on Levothyroxine (75mcg a day) and TRT due to decreasing testosterone levels.

I have tried T3 (10 mcg a day) for a month (private prescription via my endo) recently and noticed some improvement after 7-10 days - mainly feeling less exhausted. However, the endo has had to reschedule my next visit where he would review my results (blood tests still to be taken) and hopefully write to my GP recommending T3 via the NHS - the second rescheduling in recent weeks.

I am faced with a period of not having T3 for some time (just run out), whilst I finally get to visit the endo and then subsequent discussions with the GP/CCG about getting T3 via the NHS. The cost of the T3 via private prescription even for 10mcg a day was a shock - and I cannot afford it on a monthly basis if buying in the UK.

So I would like to obtain some T3 to keep me going for a while during the period where I eventually get to see the endo and then talk to the GP/CCG. I realise that I may get refused the T3 by my GP/CCG so perhaps I'm preempting the inevitable :-(.

Many thanks


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I thought this link may be helpful. Dr Lowe, before his death, was an Adviser to TUK.


Thank you - very informative

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