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Hi could someone please help me to work out if I have PCOS. I have hair on my face and body and spots all over my face, hot flashes down my legs, heavy periods and irregular cycles and ovulation. Thank you

FSH - 4.6 (follicular 3.5 - 12.5, luteal 1.7 - 7.7, postmenopausal >30, midcycle 4.7 - 21.5)

LH - 6.6 (follicular 2.4 - 12.6, luteal 1.0 -11.4, midcycle 14 - 95.6)

Testosterone - 1.2 (0.3 - 1.7)

Reproductive hormone comments: results consistent with although not diagnostic of PCOS

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Hi Samy96,

Feel free to repost your question as you've had no replies or click on My Communities > +Browse Communities and type PCOS into the title to see whether HU has a PCOS community.


Hi, I have hypo and PCOS I recently went through five weeks of pure hell with constant bleeding, pain around a large cyst I have it also seemed to trigger very high anxiety levels in me, I couldn't sleep among other things. I have a five week wait to see the gynaecology unit. I want this cyst removing as I suspect this could of definitely contributed greatly.

My typical PCOS symptoms are spots around mouth anything particularly when I've been bleeding heavily, facial hair, heavy and irregular periods (but hypo could also be the added cause to this) and I have the large cyst too, I also get pelvic and lower back pain, groin pain too. I sweat a lot and have a lot of hot flushes.

There is no real test for pcos, your doctor will usually diagnose you based on your obvious symptoms and you'll often be referred to a gynaecologist x


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