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What vitamins to buy?

Hi all, I've been advised in an earlier post to take 7,500iu D3, and a vitamin B complex. Someone else then said i need to take vitamin K2.

Can anyone check these out and let me know if they are what i need to get please

Also what doses of vitamin K2 and B complex do i need to take?


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catpurple7 I can't comment on the brands as I've not used or heard of them.

My preference would be for a D3 softgel, something like as it contains only two ingredients - D3 and extra virgin olive oil. No uncessary fillers or excipients to cause problems. Plus, as it contains olive oil there is already some fat there to help absorption. D3 is fat soluble and needs to be taken with the fattiest meal of the day. Or the Viridian liquid that annie-7 linked to yesterday looks fine as that contains rice bran oil and natural orange oil.

Normal dose for K2-MK7 is 100mg. It is fat soluble so again needs to be taken with the fattiest meal of the day. It will compete with the D3 for fat so again I like to try and get a softgel or capsule that contains olive oil. Healthy Origins do one - it's available on Amazon UK but expensive, might be cheaper to buy from iherb in the US. But I'm not saying other forms of K2-MK7 aren't worth buying, that's just my particular choice.

That B Complex contains Folic Acid which is synthetic and needs the body to convert it to folate which is natural. Most often suggested on here is Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right and both of those contain methylfolate. Dose is down to the individual, some people like a high dose B100 or B50, personally I used Thorne and got on well with one a day.

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