iron issues

Hello again,

still struggling with this, thought I'd ask you guys what you think.

(on a positive note, I finally got a referral to an Immunologist at Addenbrookes re the various auto-immune issues, he was really good, well worth the trip! :) )

But can't seem to progress with my GP re the iron issues.

My serum ferritin level has been above range for a year now (for the 15 years prior to this I'd had to take 400mg of iron daily as my body "would never store any spare/escess iron") , yet my serum iron is still below range, GP just puts 'no further action' I did ask her in July, how come I have too much in 'store' and not enough going round my body, she said it's because I have inflamation and the body won't release it as iron feeds the inflammation, I kinda get that but, what is this inflammation, shouldn't it be investigated?

she also put "no evidence of anaemia" on my notes, yet the lab results (Oct 16) say otherwise

Serum iron 9.3 (11.0 - 30.4)

I don't know whether to try another doctor, change surgery or wait until I see the Immunologist again in January.



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  • Catalonia13,

    Why not try another doctor at your surgery.

  • maybe I will Clutter, tbh, I'm just fed up going to see any of them!

  • update (Happy New Year!)

    I didn't bother with seeing another GP, decided to wait until I saw the Immunologist again later this month, he requested my GP gave me 2 innoculations as I had no immunity and another iron test, my iron has now dropped to 8.2, finally GP wants to see me!

  • Catalonia13,

    Perhaps your GP will arrange an iron infusion.

  • I don't think they can Clutter because my iron stores are too high (above range) ?

  • Catalonia13,

    Perhaps your GP should refer you to a specialist.

  • Hi Cutter,

    just thought I'd give you an update, GP rang today, basically said the high ferritin levels are not 'particularly helpful" in my case and she thinks as my serum levels are still below range and decreasing I should start taking iron again, I did question this as Gasto told me to stop taking iron last April because of the high ferritin, so she's going to write to Gastro to see what they think, I also asked if I could be referred to a haematologist and she said she'll ask gastro if they think this would be useful, so, none the wiser really!

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