Can't gain weight.... Why?

Why can't I gain weight? I'm losing weight. I have a good appetite. I'm only taking 1/2 of Methimazole from a 5 mg pill once a day. Told Therapist and she said I look good...where's my weight I'm supposed to gain going? I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto and Graves Disease. Therapist said my Thyroid is fine, since she's felt nothing there at all to be concern. Off and on on breathing problems since I feel I can't breathe deeply. Thank You so much for comments.


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  • Sarajuarez2912,

    I've lost considerable weight since thyroidectomy and being switched from T3 to Levothyroxine. I was advised that eating frequent small meals is the best way to maintain weight. I also found protein shakes helped me gain some weight.

    Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashimoto's antibodies.

  • Hi Clutter! Thanks for your response. Therapist said now that I remembered something, she said she was just gonna keep me on Methimazole for probably this month and change it I'm not to sure if she said levothyroxine. Or just take Methimazole once a week. Had blood work done yesterday again.. Supposedly be working with me so that I can be on remission soon( then she said I'll probably have a mixture of Methimazole with I think she said levothyroxine. Everyone tells me I lost a lot of weight, I'm 129 lbs and therapist said I look good....I don't think so..I've lost 10 pounds since found out I had Hashimoto and graves. Thanks clutter, I hope I didn't get you confused here, but I sort of got confused with my Therapist about soon changing my meds. After she told me my Thyroid is normal since she felt it yesterday.

  • Sarajuarez1929,

    When you get your thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) post them in a new question for comment.

  • What kind of protein shakes be good for me? I was reading they have different ones like whey and soy and two other ones...I would like to try one that would benefit me since I have hashimoto and graves. Thanks

  • What kind of protein shakes would be good for me? Thanks so much.

  • Sarajuarez2912,

    Anything without soy/soya. I used

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