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Hello I posted on here about a month ago thinking I had taken to much T3 as at the start I was feeling great my mood lifted I was more mobile and alert. Then a change of Massive weight gain. I was told on here to get the test done but my GP has refused as he told me not to use T3 In first place I have been back to him explaing my overall health is better using t3 apart from the change in weight loss to weight gain and asked for help he replyed don't take t3 no test nothing so now I'm ill and also still piling on weight I can't cope with it all now

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lauramay36 - it would be really helpful if you could complete your profile. Post up your recent test results including ranges but don't expect a GP to know anything about T3 let alone the thyroid.

Hello I have not got any results to post as my GP is not willing to do these for me as he did not advise me to start taking t3 for the symptom I had. I tried the T3 and I felt really good my energy boosted I could actually go out to work and lead a active life unlike before. Now after about a year I still feel better than before but I'm gaining weight fast and I also suffer from coming out in random frequent sweats. I am going to go with the advice from here and get my test through blue horizon. I will then post these to make things more clear to all who is trying to help me .

Thanks I'll look into this and get them done by myself. I'll then come back with the results I get many thanks x

Hi Lauramay36.

I am presuming you have an underactive thyroid diagnosis from your GP and have not been happy with the results obtained by taking levothyroxine which is why you have been taking T3? If this is the case you can ring the GP practice and request your last results which will most probably be TSH and FT4 only...you'll be lucky to get FT3 tested. I would certainly not recommend taking T3 without a diagnosis as it is so potent as i think you have discovered...i too break out in sweats but im taking levothyroxine as well, the usual advice is low and slow or slow and low if you prefer. I did read somewhere that although low FT3 can be a cause of weight gain but so can taking too much! I guess if your doctor is unwilling to do any further blood tests you will need to organise and pay for some yourself which i see others have kindly given some info.

You need free T4 and free T3 at the optimum levels to feel well.

Taking t3 only you will have high free t3 but very low free t4 as t3 on its own will lower TSH, if TSH is low then your thyroid won't produce any T4.

Get blood tests

Hi I'm 35 I was loosing weight at first but now it's going in reverse and I'm gaining weight x

How old are you? I came across an article that it has been found that in older women a high level of T3 can cause weight gain. I had always thought that a high T3 would mean weight loss, but apparently as you get older, it can mean weight gain. I cut my NDT by half a grain and the 3lb a week gain has stopped. Now to get rid of the spare tyre! If anyone wants one, I have one you can have!

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