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Do any of you hexperience allergic type reactions to makeup?

Do any of you have an issue with wearing makeup? I never did until about a year ago. At that time I was experiencing several what seemed to be allergic reactions to God knows what. I have since changed diet and a lot of other things including a change in dosage of Synthroid and added T3 but after an entire year of no makeup I tried yesterday to just put a tiny bit of hypoallergenic mascara on and by late afternoon my eyes were itching like crazy. I totally hate the idea of not being able to use makeup at least once in a while but have no idea if there is possibly products out there that I am unaware of that I could use. Anyone have suggestions?

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I dont have any answers for you but yes i do, i use Hypoallergenic mascara and even then my eyes water and itch like crazy its the same with eye liner as well. i do hope somebody has some suggestions.

I do sympathize with you

Dotti x


Sionce the change to generic Levothyroxine I and my son cannot use shampoo, soap or other creams on our skin.


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